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Egg donor in Canada

    However, the target audience of the egg donor bank in Canada is not only careerists, but also childless couples experiencing difficulties with childbearing.

    The main problem points of oocyte donation: the high cost of the services of an egg donor agency in Canada (about 75 thousand Canadian dollars) and legislation requiring parents to provide all information about a donor to their child over 18 on request.

    Additional problems are also the high cost of medical services: each manipulation is a separate bill for a large amount, the number of eggs and IVF is limited. If the limits are exhausted before pregnancy or termination occurs, repeated cycles will require repeated payments.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group invites couples from all over the world to stop worrying about how much a donor egg costs in Canada and become participants in the guaranteed program “Egg Donation”.

    You will be able to choose an egg donor from Canada or any other country (with the opportunity to get to know each other personally), an unlimited number of eggs and IVF (before pregnancy), the exclusion of chromosomal pathologies of the fetus due to the NGS method, sex selection - and all these services together with the donor’s fee are included in the cost of your chosen package of services!

    We undertake risk coverage (until the 12th week of pregnancy or until the birth of a healthy baby, depending on the package chosen): if the IVF does not result in pregnancy or it is terminated - a repeated cycle of procedures is carried out without surcharge

    If you wish, you can even choose to become parents of a son or a daughter!

    Ask questions about the program our manager on the site - we will tell about other bonuses!

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