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How To Evaluate a Surrogacy Agency’s Success

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 It is also incredibly important to assess the success rates of an agency before embarking on a surrogate journey. There are many similar companies around the world. You need to consider the main criteria when choosing the right one.

Surrogacy Agency Feskov Human Reproduction Group, Ukraine, has been taking care for many years to ensure that children born of surrogate mothers are healthy and their parents are happy!

Surrogacy agency experience


The experience of such a company can be defined in different ways. It is often a combination of several different criteria that make up the overall agency experience:

  1. Time of presence on the market.
  2. Availability of professional staff.
  3. Number of surrogate journeys.

The number of years the agency has been in operation can contribute to their success. But this does not mean that if the office has been in business for several years, then it does not succeed. This means that the more years the agency has been working, the more prospective parents it has worked with. And also, the more surrogate journeys it has made, the more experience it will have in various aspects of the surrogate process.

A good indicator will be the presence of a team of professionals in different areas of business who speak foreign languages:

  • reproductive lawyers;
  • social workers;
  • doctors and other medical personnel;
  • psychologists;
  • managers and coordinators;
  • accountants, etc.

It will be a plus if some employees have personal experience of surrogacy in different directions (donors, parents, surrogates), as well as IVF or adoption.

Finally, the number of surrogacy journeys made helps to increase the level of the knowledge of the agency staff. Each case is unique, with its own joys and obstacles on the way. With yet another difficulty, employees gain new experience and knowledge that can be used for other families.

Surrogacy procedure and protocols


The agency that has done many surrogacy journeys has gained experience and knowledge from each of them. This knowledge is then optimized, modified and applied in the process so that prospective parents and surrogates make the most fruitful and successful journey.

The specialists of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group Agency used 25 years of experience in partnership with parents, surrogate mothers and donors of genetic material to develop the process and the approach associated with it. It consists in the teamwork of all professionals of both the agency and the clinic, aimed at obtaining a positive result in the form of the birth of a healthy baby.

Mandatory procedures in the activities of the agency are:

  • screening of surrogate mothers. Each surrogate mother should be thoroughly examined before meeting face to face with prospective parents. The surrogate is tested for various infectious, viral, chronic and chromosomal diseases. She consults with doctors. To assess the emotional and psychological state of the surrogate, the woman undergoes special psychological tests, the results of which are interpreted by a professional psychologist. In addition, background checks are carried out to make sure there are no previous convictions and other criminal matters.
  • matching the surrogate and intended parents. Surrogacy is a close emotional relationship between a pregnant woman and future parents that develops over a long period of time. Therefore, the harmonious coincidence of all parties is very important for the success and comfort of the event. Otherwise, everything can end in stress and negativity. Intended parents usually write a list of what they want the surrogate mother to be: character and personality traits, expectations from the process, reactions to difficulties, etc. And the employees will select the best option.

However, no matter how carefully the compliance is planned, a personal meeting puts everything in its place. And the choice is always made by the people who have come to the program.

Agency success


People with fertility issues are often desperate to have a baby at any cost. Knowing the success rates of a surrogate agency is valuable and will help meet expectations. It is absolutely normal to ask an agency or an IVF clinic about their success rates.

However, there are no companies that can boast of 100% success. We all have mistakes, setbacks and difficulties. But data with rates greater than 95% and up to 99% is a great option. Since some families may need not one, but several embryo transfers into the surrogate's uterus before a successful pregnancy. Or egg / sperm donor services - after all, every case is different.

How do I find the right agency?


There are many factors to consider when researching companies that provide such services. The above ones are considered basic. Make lists of priorities and important criteria, ask questions, talk to qualified parents, get to know real reviews- all this will make it possible to make the right decision.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group includes not only a surrogate agency, but also a reproductive clinic that will help to cope with all medical issues of fertility before the baby is born. Our databases of verified donors of all phenotypes and surrogates will allow you to find the best match, with the possibility of personal communication before making a final decision.

The purpose of the Professor Feskov Surrogacy Agency, like any other reliable agency, is to bring everyone who asked for help, the intended parents to the “finish” - the birthday of their child.

For this, we have created exclusive guaranteed programs with fixed prices that ensure financial security and eliminate unexpected expenses throughout the journey. We even provide remote services thanks to our international offices and partners around the world. A full range of all-inclusive services will allow expectant parents to calmly deal with the process and not worry about everyday problems.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group means professionalism, comfort, efficiency on the path of happy parenting!



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