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How to Compare Surrogacy Agencies for Surrogates

  1. 🩺 Surrogacy Agency Feskov Human Reproductive Group - experience and history
  2. 🤰 How is compensation done?
  3. ⭐ Surrogate and Intended Parents - Matching Features

With the growing demand of surrogacy and public awareness of the process, the number of options with whom a woman should cooperate is also increasing. Each company offers its own experience. Therefore, when comparing different agencies, you need to pay attention to the most important criteria specifically for a potential surrogate. Therefore, when selecting and analyzing information about the agency, it will be useful to consider the following factors.

Surrogacy Agency Feskov Human Reproductive Group - experience and history

The choice of a serious and credible agency should be based on:

  1. The duration of the functioning of the enterprise, work experience.
  2. The number of surrogate travels, their success.
  3. How the business was formed.

Many agencies are set up by parents who have gone through the process of substitutionary motherhood themselves and want to help other people create families. Or by successful doctors, surgeons, reproductive specialists, scientists striving to develop medical technologies and innovations for the benefit of humans.

For over 25 years Feskov Human Reproductive Group is successfully working in this field. The founder of the company, professor Feskov A.M. - a renowned scientist, author of numerous works in the field of reproductive medicine, member of ASRM, ESHRE. Thanks to the latest reproductive technologies, highly qualified specialists, guaranteed surrogacy, donation programs, IVF, the agency, together with the Reproduction Center, helped create more than two thousand babies! Who now live with their happy parents in all parts of our planet.

How is compensation done?

Payments to a surrogate mother vary slightly from agency to agency, and depend on some individual issues. But, in general, companies offer compensation payments in roughly the same price range. Studying and comparing the remuneration of companies, it will not be superfluous to clarify how compensation is paid, and how the process itself takes place.

A mandatory question like: "What guarantees does the surrogate mother have that she will receive all compensation if the intended parents run out of funds?"

At the agency Feskov Human Reproductive Group all reproductive programs for intended parents are at a fixed price, payable one-time. Therefore, the company provides financial support for each travel and can guarantee compensation for each surrogate.

Surrogate and Intended Parents - Matching Features

Each company has different waiting times for intended parents and surrogate mothers to match. This is due to the required number of candidates in both groups.

Therefore, when discussing the issue of time with representatives of the agency, it is necessary to ask: "How long does it take to wait for a happy coincidence with the parents?"

Before signing the papers, you need to make sure that the announced time frame is suitable for the woman to start the travel.

Reliability, safety and vast experience of work allows the agency of the Reproduction Center to find a response both among adequate surrogate mothers and intended parents. Therefore, there are always lists of people ready to travel. This determines the minimum waiting time for surrogate mothers in the programs. Especially for packages surrogacy with donation VIP and DeLuxe or packages without donor selection without a waiting period. Also, the agency has recruiting staff who are pro at finding suitable parents.

Support and help

Each gestational surrogate mother needs a different level of support throughout the journey. Therefore, a surrogate's understanding of her needs will facilitate the search for a suitable agency. Usually, the offices have dedicated support teams or individuals who help moms before, during and after the travel. These support circles or individual employees are required to support the surrogate mother throughout the entire surrogacy journey.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to what kind of support and assistance the office provides, and what it looks like. You can ask the following question: "What support is provided to surrogate mothers within the framework of the program, and who provides it?"

The Reproduction Center Agency practices an individual approach, guaranteeing the right level of support throughout the entire process. Therefore, a woman will never feel lonely.

Medical billing issues

Each agency handles medical bills and other documents in an individual way. It is important to carefully examine how this or that office accepts, processes and when and how it pays medical bills during and after the surrogate travel.

The following question will be appropriate here: "What guarantees are there that the surrogate mother will not get stuck with her account associated with surrogate expenses?"

Each company approaches this differently. Therefore, it is important to make sure that this process and how it is carried out to the liking of the surrogate before signing the contract.

The agency Feskov Human Reproductive Group has made changes to this process and takes over the payment of medical bills. Since it cares not only about the intended parents, but also about the selfless surrogate mothers. Although the surrogate, as a patient, will always receive medical bills. But guaranteed fixed-cost programs for parents can protect both parents and surrogates and ensure that all medical bills are paid.

Success of the Surrogacy Agency Feskov Human Reproductive Group

When determining the success of an agency, a number of different criteria can be considered. But, the main focus is on how many children were born through the programs.

The longer the organization has existed, the more surrogacy travels have been implemented, and the more babies were born. And the more travels an agency has made, the higher its ability to cope with difficult and complex situations, thanks to its rich experience.

Therefore, the last question that can be asked to the agency: "What is the success of the office according to the number of children born within the program?"

Feskov Human Reproductive Group, thanks to guaranteed programs, boasts 100% of cases of healthy children born to couples with different reproductive problems!

Becoming a surrogate mother is a wonderful and rewarding experience. When choosing a surrogacy agency, it is advisable to ask all these questions so that a woman is confident in the correctness of the decision made for herself and her family.


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