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Ethical Issues of Surrogate Motherhood: Detailed Overview

  1. 🩺 Key Ethical Issues in Surrogacy
  2. 🤰 Ethical Policy at Feskov Human Reproductive Group


At first glance, this process can be a worthy alternative for both a couple without children and a surrogate mother who can receive money for her services. However, there are some ethical dilemmas about this reproduction method.

Specialists of Feskov Human Reproduction Group, within the framework of reproductive services, will relieve future parents of all worries and fears. Because well-thought-out programs guarantee 100% that everything will be fine.

Key Ethical Issues in Surrogacy


There are a variety of ethical issues in substitute motherhood, the most pressing ones are:

  • female body "for sale". Unfortunately, some people who do not understand absolutely the issue compare the procedure with prostitution or a “uterus for rent”. The woman allegedly sells her body to make money. However, it is not. The married couple and the surrogate sign a legal contract in which all points are discussed in detail. And how is this postulate applicable to the altruistic type of service, when the surrogate mother does not receive remuneration after childbirth, but only her expenses are compensated? Today, this method is the only chance for some families to have a child. And such attacks do not stand up to criticism, if you understand the topic a little;
  • risks associated with pregnancy and delivery. It goes without saying that a regular or surrogate pregnancy is a natural process and it is fraught with some risks that no one can predict. Sometimes, changes in body and health are inevitable. A pregnant woman is prepared for all these risks. She understands that she is doing this for the good of others;
  • biological connection with the child. Surrogates act as gestational carriers. They simply carry the fetus after the embryo is implanted. Therefore, in the biological sense, they have nothing to do with the child being gestated;
  • the rights of the child. This is a very important point that simply cannot be ignored. Parental responsibilities are transferred from the surrogate mother to future parents, according to the contract. The surrogate mother has no legal rights to the baby.

These are the most basic topics that come up in society when anyone hears about surrogacy. Although, trends to change public opinion are already in the air. This becomes possible due to the prevalence and demand for this method throughout the world. Indeed, every year, more and more people resort to reproductive innovations, including this method. And more and more children are born thanks to surrogate mothers.

Ethical Policy at Feskov Human Reproductive Group


At the Prof. Feskov Reproduction Center everything is done so that both the intended parents and surrogate mothers feel comfortable and calm during the process. This is facilitated by the following ethical principles:

  1. In Ukraine, surrogate motherhood is allowed for families who cannot have children for medical reasons. The Center agrees with this postulate and adheres to it.
  2. The surrogate mother and the couple must work as parties who agree to cooperate with each other. It is ideal, when a warm, trusting, friendly relationship is established between the intended parents and the surrogate. Which sometimes do not stop even after the birth of the baby and parting of people. At the Center, the employees do their best to achieve this development of events.
  3. All contingency plans must be discussed by the parties and recorded accordingly in the contract (prenatal diagnosis, divorce during pregnancy, death of one of the parents, etc.).
  4. A surrogate mother must strictly follow all the recommendations of the attending physician regarding the course of pregnancy and childbirth, come to all examinations, take all medications and vitamins, constantly keep in touch with the process coordinator and intended parents, as well as take care of her own health and the fetus, pay attention to her condition so as not to miss alarming symptoms.
  5. Regardless of what amount of compensation is due to a surrogate mother, it must be provided on time and in any case. This is what the corresponding services of the Center guarantee.

At first glance, surrogacy is an ideal solution to many problems. A surrogate receives money and moral satisfaction from helping an unhappy family, and a couple has a long-awaited baby. In fact, sometimes it's not that simple.

In some countries of the world, there is still no proper legislation in this area, and there is no transparency throughout the system. There is a risk of losing not only money, time and nerves, but also the born baby. And there are states where the law generally prohibits such a way to give birth to a child. And legal, financial or any other questions are added to the existing ethical dilemmas.

But all this does not apply to Ukraine, a country with transparent surrogate laws and protection of the rights of both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. The variety of guaranteed surrogate services in Feskov Human Reproductive Group will help a family to determine any requests, wishes, health problems from any country of the world.

 Our goal is happy parents and a healthy baby!



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