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Will Insurance Cover Surrogate?

  1. 🩺 What Is Important When Issuing Insurance?
  2. 🤰 Why Does a Surrogate Mother Need to Insure Pregnancy?

In the modern world, it is necessary to insure just everything. Issuing an insurance certificate is the question of safety, security, and confidence in the future. Therefore, people insure everything, from household items to their health. Far from everyone knows that you can insure not only your health but also the health of your unborn child. It is especially important for women during pregnancy. A pregnant surrogate mother has the same rights and can insure her pregnancy, just like a couple paying for surrogate motherhood services.

There are several aspects of insuring surrogate motherhood. One thing is requesting insurance to cover all the expenses associated with service; another aspect is insuring the health of the unborn child. So if you question “will insurance cover surrogate mother,” the answer is most probably negative. In this case, you will have to pay for the service yourself, with no option of using insurance company money. However, if you wonder will insurance cover surrogate motherhood from the perspective of child health, things are different. You can request a compensation/ fee in case of any pregnancy complexities and negative consequences.

What Is Important When Issuing Insurance?

When drafting a contract, both a surrogate mother and a couple should read the document attentively to ensure that all the important requirements are taken into account. Also, it is important to provide for all the options during the course of pregnancy. In case of pregnancy threat or additional surveys and analyzes, insurance must cover all the expenses.

  • Medical tests;
  • Medications (in case of threatened miscarriage);
  • Childbirth.

With the representative of the insurance company, all the exciting issues should be specified and all the details of cooperation should be mentioned in an agreement.


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Different companies offer different packages of services from the cheapest and to the most expensive ones covering just everything. The insurance amount covers the services of the clinic, all the necessary medical tests, and medications. You can also order an additional package of services that will cover not only expenses during pregnancy but also childbirth too.

Why Does a Surrogate Mother Need to Insure Pregnancy?

Pregnancy insurance is extremely important for surrogate mothers since it guarantees that medical assistance will be provided on time and at a lot cheaper. If you order a full package of services, in case of premature birth, there will be no problems with the maternity hospital – everything will be agreed in advance in the insurance contract.


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