Why couldn't Elton John adopt a child from Ukraine and chose surrogate motherhood?

But in fact, everything is not so simple. Adoption is, of course, a very good and noble deed, but adopting a child may be much more difficult than might seem. At the same time, use of surrogate motherhood, if it is legal and legalized, has much less underwater rocks, against which the dreams about replenishment of the family may break. A vivid example of this is provided by the history of by Elton John, who wanted to adopt a child from Ukraine, but he did not succeed in it, and finally chose surrogate motherhood.

History of Elton John

 In 2009, Elton John visited a specialized children's home in Makeyevka where children with HIV/ AIDS diagnosis live. There he saw 14-month HIV-infected Lyova who conquered the singer’s “heart” at once. Elton John and his partner David Furnish, a Canadian Director, with whom he is officially married, were thinking about their child for a long time. But always they found arguments against it. For example, too busy schedule that may prevent them from spending a lot of time with their child, age (then Elton John was 62 years old and David Furnish was 46 years old). All these arguments “worked” until the couple met little Lyova.

They loved the baby at first sight and decided to adopt him.

However, this proved to be impossible. Adoption of children by the couples of the same sex is not allowed in Ukraine. And even the fact that Elton John is a star of world magnitude did not change the situation.

This failure has upset the couple very much, but the thought of expanding the family no longer gave them peace. Then Elton and David decided that they want to give a birth of their own child. Thus on December 25, 2010, there was born their son Zachary Jackson Levon, the surrogate mother gave birth for them.

Elton John and his partner were very happy. “My son is the best thing that happened to me in this life. We surround him with all the care and love we are capable of, and he gives us love many times more! I sing him lullabies and David reads fairy tales to Zachary” – said Elton John.

Elton and David so liked to be parents that they decided to use the services of a surrogate mother once again, and on January 10, 2013, there was born another baby Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.

Surrogate motherhood will help to make true dream about child

 The example of Elton John shows that surrogate motherhood is a good alternative to adoption, which often turns out to be more real and accessible. In addition, in this case, you have an additional plus since the surrogate mother can carry your genetic child.

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