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Egg donation in Georgia

    Egg donation in Georgia, together with related services, will be very inexpensive. But the level of reproductive medicine here does not significantly reach even the level of neighboring Russia and Ukraine, not to mention Spain and the USA.    

    Another reason why international egg donation in Georgia cannot be formed: the phenotype of Georgian women can be very different from the phenotype of a future mother from another country. This will become an insurmountable obstacle to the birth of a child similar to future parents. Therefore, egg donation in this country is not suitable for all couples.

    If you are looking for egg donation in Georgia, but want to choose a candidate with the right appearance, be able to have a personal acquaintance with her, be confident in the birth of a healthy child, receive high-quality medical services and a dignified guest service - take part in a guaranteed Feskov Human Reproduction Group «Egg donation» program.

    We have assembled our own extensive base, including a variety of (even exotic) phenotypes. Donors pass regular medical examinations.

    The guaranteed program covers risks up to 12 weeks of pregnancy or until the birth of the baby (depending on the package of services). You will have an unlimited number of eggs and IVF: in case of failed IVF or terminated pregnancy, the whole cycle will be repeated without additional payments!

    Ask our consultant any questions ― we will be glad to tell about the program in more detail!


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