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Ireland egg donor cost

    The selection of women in the donor base is standard: a set of medical examinations, tests for alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances, the exclusion of STIs. As in most cases, it is preferred that the donor has at least one healthy child.

    The cost of medical procedures associated with donation is quite high. However, there are no guaranteed programs. The couple will have a limited number of oocytes and IVF, if the pregnancy is not achieved or terminated during the 1-2 protocol, repeated procedures will need to be paid additionally.

    The lack of personal contact with the donor also depresses future parents: you always want to personally verify that a woman is suitable for this role and is phenotypically similar to her future mother. Therefore, despite the lack of the cost of an egg donor in Ireland, the presence of all other points makes people look for a service abroad.                         

    There is an opportunity to get donor eggs from Ireland, to personally choose a suitable candidate and get to know her. This item is included in the Feskov Human Reproduction Guaranteed Egg Donation Program. In addition to meeting with the donor, the service packages included in the program guarantee: exclusion of chromosomal pathologies in the embryo using the PGD method; guest services (accommodation in a hotel or apartment with 3 meals a day), legal support, determination (or even choice) of the sex of the unborn child. But the most important thing is covering risks. Depending on the package chosen, we guarantee a 12-week pregnancy or the birth of a healthy baby. The program guarantees an unlimited number of oocytes and IVF: in case of non-achievement or termination of pregnancy, we conduct repeated cycles again without additional payments!

    A full description of the services included in the program and prices can be found on our website. If you have any questions - contact our manager and get a step-by-step description of our program!


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