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Egg donor in Georgia

    Prices for related medical services in Georgia are very affordable, but their level is significantly lower than in neighboring Russia and Ukraine, not to mention Spain, the USA and other leading players in the reproductive market. There is one more nuance: the specificities of the phenotype of Georgian women can sharply discord with the appearance of the future mother. But couples are interested in selecting the most similar phenotypic donor so that the unborn child has similarities with their parents. Therefore, the search for an egg donor in Georgia is not the best solution for all couples.

    If you need an egg donor from Georgia, at the same time you want to have an opportunity to choose a candidate, get to know her personally, to be sure of birth of a healthy baby, get the necessary medical services, and also solve the issues of accommodation and food- the Feskov Human Reproduction Group guaranteed program  ”Egg donation ”  is suitable for you.

    We have our own donor base of any phenotypes. Each donor regularly undergoes medical examinations confirming the absence of physical and mental illnesses, bad habits and any other obstacles to donation.              

    The main characteristic  of the guarantee program is risk coverage. Clients receive an unlimited number of eggs and IVF: if the pregnancy  is not achieved or is terminated, the entire cycle is repeated at no extra cost!

    Check out our offer on the website, ask a consultant questions - we will be happy to tell you more!


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