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Do you need to purchase newborn insurance for your surrogacy

  1. 🩺 Is insurance required for a newborn when the parents are local?
  2. 🤰 Features of insurance for intended parents from other countries
  3. ⭐ Where can you get insurance for newborns as an international Intended Parent?

Each insurance company has its own policy on covering the risks of surrogate pregnancy, while each situation is individual. Which makes it even more difficult to define the required questions.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group, a leader in providing surrogacy services in Eastern Ukraine, prepared a guide on insurance of surrogate newborns for the comfort of patients.

Is insurance required for a newborn when the parents are local?

Often, this is the first question of future parents. If they need to purchase an additional policy for a surrogate mother, then it is natural to wonder about insurance for a newborn.

The good news is, more often than not, if the couple and the child are from the same country, they do not need to worry about this step. The existing internal insurance will cover the baby at birth. Therefore, it makes no sense for people to look elsewhere for insurance coverage.

The process of adding a child to your existing internal insurance coverage can vary from firm to firm. Therefore, it is necessary, as soon as possible, to contact an insurance company that provides coverage of medical risks in order to ensure adequate insurance for the child after birth.

The intended parent may only have to worry about purchasing an additional policy for a gestational surrogate, if necessary. Usually, a surrogate mother has her own insurance, separate from that of the intended parents. Thus, she can receive some compensation for her medical expenses. In the event that she does not receive compensation, surrogacy insurance is a separate policy designed to cover her medical expenses.

It should be borne in mind that a couple will be personally responsible for any medical expenses related to cash of their own. A gestational carrier will never be financially responsible for the medical expenses of a newborn baby.

To understand in more detail the individual policy, a good decision would be to contact a surrogacy specialist at the clinic. It is best to speak with a specialist before buying a separate surrogacy insurance. They will assess the family's insurance coverage and advise any additional costs required.

Features of insurance for intended parents from other countries

Becoming Intended Parents from Overseas is fun. However, insurance issues can be confusing.

Since local insurance does not cover international needs, newborn insurance is usually provided on these trips. Citizens of other countries are responsible for providing insurance coverage for the newborn from the moment of birth.

The demands and costs of newborns can be the hardest part of the process for people who have never experienced it.

After a child is born, parents should spend every minute with him and not talk on the phone with hospitals, laboratories, etc. By purchasing insurance for a newborn in advance, they already take some of the load off the shoulders. Surrogacy is already very expensive, so it is better to take out insurance. To save as much money as possible.

Where can you get insurance for newborns as an international Intended Parent?

When traveling around the country, there are several options for purchasing insurance for newborns before the baby is born. Since there are many different types, it is best to explore the individual options to find the most suitable one.

Some of them are as follows:

  • expatriate insurance - if the parents are citizens of the country, but live abroad, there are opportunities that will cover the costs of the parents and the child upon returning to their homeland;
  • travel insurance - standard insurance plans for an international trip, which can be issued for both future parents and the baby;
  • Newborn Cost Insurance Plan – if a couple wants to insure only their baby, this plan can be used. For example, the International Newborn Care Card. However, keep in mind that technically this is not insurance. This card only offers significant discounts on any claim. There is no limitation on the financial liability of a parent, so parents are responsible for any additional costs. This card also excludes any claims related to the surrogate mother. Another insurance option for newborns is a discounted health insurance fund. An insurance broker will help determine which option is cheaper.

It is important for the husband and wife to speak with the insurance company representative to understand the specifics of each plan and decide which is best in each case.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group welcomes when the intended parents, surrogate mother and future newborn are reliably protected by an insurance policy during the surrogate travel. To prevent people from paying more than necessary. The reproduction center works with all types of insurance coverage, so people can be sure they will receive compensation when they return to their home country.


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