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Why is a male fertility check important if you are struggling to conceive?

  1. 🩺 Early diagnosis - quick solution to the problem
  2. 🤰 Physical examination and tests
  3. ⭐ What do the semen analysis readings show?

Despite the current global trends, the impossibility of getting pregnant is still often viewed as a “female problem”. However, among 20-40% of couples who tried to conceive a child for a year or longer, the problem is completely related to the man. Therefore, it is very important that both partners get their fertility checked and tested for infertility.

It doesn't matter who in the family suffers from infertility, husband or wife, specialists of Feskov Human Reproduction Group will do everything possible and even impossible, within the framework of reproductive programs so that you hug your dear baby.

Early diagnosis - quick solution to the problem


It is vital that a man is screened for infertility as soon as possible. Since some representatives of the stronger sex tend to postpone such events and believe that everything is in order with them, and the reason lies in the woman. Not to mention the male fear of doctors and hospitals, especially in such a delicate matter.

This behavior can greatly complicate the relationship in a couple, at a time when partners should be more united than ever. Most male fertility problems can be fixed quickly enough, so early screening can help avoid unnecessary suffering and significant costs in the future.

The compassionate and experienced team at our Center will create a comfortable environment for embarrassed patients in dealing with such personal problems. All tests and examinations are standard in form and easy to carry out with quick and clear results.

Physical examination and tests


The first diagnostic test you have to take is a physical exam. So that the doctor can make sure that there are no injuries or physical disabilities in this area (lumps, undescended testicles). In most cases, nothing will be revealed, but this is just the beginning.

The next step is to analyze the semen (spermogram) for the quantity and quality of spermatozoa in the semen. The test is carried out at the clinic, as the ejaculate must be fresh. Often you have to do this several times, even if the first result was normal and no pathology was found. The reason is that the quantitative and qualitative composition of sperm is different every day. It is influenced by all sorts of factors, for example, the food eaten the day before, stress, temperature changes. It is important to avoid ejaculation two days before the test.


What do the semen analysis readings show?


The results that a spermogram can show:

  • azoospermia - when there are no spermatozoa in the semen;
  • oligospermia - a reduced number of male germ cells;
  • problems with sperm motility;
  • morphological pathologies of male sex cells, for example, an unusual shape, etc.

Such pathologies often lead to infertility. Therefore, if one or more problems with sperm are detected, additional studies are prescribed to determine the underlying disease. These are general blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound or computed tomography.

The main causes of male infertility


The most common causes of male infertility are:

  • a small number of germ cells in the ejaculate;
  • problem with mobility;
  • changes in the shape of the sperm.

All these pathologies are caused by a wide range of factors, some of which are:

  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • childhood illness (mumps, diabetes);
  • testicular injuries, which are most common as a result of sports activities;
  • surgical operations on the testicles (removal of the testicle, oncology, etc.) reduce the release of full-fledged germ cells;
  • physical abnormalities (undescended testes);
  • genetic issues (Down syndrome);
  • drugs, tobacco, alcohol negatively affect the reproduction function;
  • the action of some drugs;
  • chemotherapy, radiation, pesticide poisoning;
  • excessive overheating of the reproductive zone. This includes wearing tight underwear that squeezes the organs. Too long visit to the sauna, bath, prolonged hot bath. However, such causes cause short-term disturbances that can be corrected in a few weeks.

Also, the causes of problems in the reproductive sphere of men include premature ejaculation and vasectomy. But, both pathologies are now being cured with the help of modern medical procedures.

There are rare cases when male infertility cannot be eliminated. In Feskov Human Reproduction Group, you can use the services of a sperm donor suitable for the phenotype or other additional services, which will make the process of getting your own baby as convenient and effective as possible. 


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