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See you in Berlin: Kinderwunsch Tage will be held March 26-27

  1. 🩺 This exhibition is for:

This exhibition is for:

  • couples planning to have a baby;
  • single people considering becoming a parent;
  • women who cannot get pregnant for a long time;
  • those who have undergone unsuccessful treatment;
  • those who have already done IVF, but did not get the desired result;
  • for women facing the problem of miscarriage;
  • those who are interested in the main aspects of surrogate motherhood, as well as a real opportunity to join the program - for all of the above visitors, the Kinderwunsch Tage exhibition will be a useful and informative event.

It is also important that only certified specialists and companies take part in this exhibition, which means that Kinderwunsch Tage guests have the opportunity to get answers to their questions here from professionals with extensive experience - those who have already been trusted by thousands of people around the world. We are honored to represent the reproductive medicine of Ukraine at this significant event.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group specialists have been working in the field of reproductive technologies for 26 years and will be able to provide detailed advice to everyone, as well as talk about the possibilities of becoming parents for couples and single people from different countries of Europe and the world.

If you are dreaming of a child and want to visit the Kinderwunsch Tage exhibition in order to get the most comprehensive information that will help you make an important decision, we invite you to the Feskov Human Reproduction Group stand.

Fill out the form and our manager will contact you to tell you in advance about the benefits of a personal meeting:

Plan a visit to the Kinderwunsch Tage, because this is where you will have the opportunity to:

  • talk offline with the head of Feskov Human Reproduction Group Vladislav Feskov;
  • ask questions to our managers who work with future parents from different countries of Europe and the world;
  • get reliable information about the legality, legitimacy and guarantees of all programs of our clinic;
  • learn more about our specialists and technologies;
  • find a solution to your problem and take the long-awaited step towards your dream of becoming parents.

How to find our stand at the Kinderwunsch Tage?

We have prepared a visual scheme, thanks to which you can easily find our stand No. 78.




Official website of the exhibition: https://www.kinderwunsch-tage.de/


Kinderwunsch Tage Berlin surrogacy event conference


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