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Pros of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine

  1. 🩺 The Law of Ukraine has undeniable advantages in the field of surrogate motherhood
  2. 🤰 Healthy genes of Ukrainians - plus for reproductive technologies
  3. ⭐ In Ukraine, favorable prices for surrogate motherhood

The reason for the childlessness of a married couple is often the reproductive problems of a woman, in which she is unable to bear her child. In this case, the only opportunity to realize the dream of the birth of a baby is the use of such reproductive technology as a surrogate motherhood. When the couple decides to take advantage of this reproductive service, one of the topical issues is the choice of the country in which this is best done. Then the attention of many married couples turns to Ukraine, and this is correct, because Ukraine can rightly be called one of the most comfortable countries for the use of the newest reproductive technologies, including surrogate motherhood

The Law of Ukraine has undeniable advantages in the field of surrogate motherhood

This reproductive technology is not simply applied officially and is regulated by legislation in Ukraine. The law optimally regulates all legal issues relating to the possible relationship between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents. A multi-level system for the protection of genetic parents has been developed, thanks to which they are fully protected from the risk that the surrogate mother will have some rights to the child. This allows you to exclude any legal complications regarding the registration of the child.

The fact that in Ukraine surrogate motherhood is used legally and openly allows for strict selection of women who fall into the base of surrogate mothers. Their physical health and mental state are checked. Only those women who have undergone special testing and showed no bad habits get to the database. Their state of health is optimal for bearing a child. In addition, all women already have their own child and are consciously approaching the issue of bearing a baby for another family.

Ukraine is territorially located on the European continent, which is a plus for married couples from Europe. Here the society is loyal to those who resort to surrogate motherhood services, understanding the importance and necessity of using this reproductive technology in certain situations.

In Ukraine, high sanitary culture of the population, many educated and intelligent people. A surrogate mother here will calmly and comfortably nurse and give birth to your child. In addition, in the Surrogate Motherhood Center of the clinic, Professor A. Feskov, you can order a special service - delivery of a surrogate mother in the country in which you want. Particularly popular are the births in Prague - in the heart of Europe.

Healthy genes of Ukrainians - plus for reproductive technologies

Another undeniable plus of surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is the good genes of Ukrainians. There are many women in the country with good health indicators. They will be able to tolerate a healthy child without any problems.

Even more important, healthy genes are acquired in situations where the donation of an ovum is necessary for the birth of a child. In Ukraine, couples from Europe and around the world will have the opportunity to get high-quality genetic material, checked for hereditary pathologies.

In Ukraine, favorable prices for surrogate motherhood

Ukrainian medicine occupies leading positions in the world on the use of reproductive technologies. Our specialists take on the latest achievements of science and use them for the benefit of the family, who dream of becoming parents. At the same time, prices for modern reproductive technologies in the country are very attractive.

If you look at the price / quality ratio of the surrogate motherhood proposals in the world, then Ukraine can be considered the best country for those who want their surrogate mother to take the child. For example, the cost of using this reproductive technology in the US is from 150,000 euros, and in Ukraine, with the same quality of service, 28,500 - 48,998 euros.

The surrogate motherhood center of  Professor A. Feskov clinic, has been using this reproductive technology for 22 years. During this time, a tremendous experience has been gained and all stages of the passage of the reproductive program have been thoroughly worked out. The mechanism, debugged by years, works clearly as a clock. We take care of all questions related to the birth of your baby - from the first examination of a couple to the execution of documents for a child.

We take care of quality and give a guarantee for our services. All you need is to choose the program you need from the range of services offered. The rest will be done by professionals.

With us you can be sure that soon your family will be replenished, and the old dream of the birth of a child will finally come true!


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