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Feskov HRG's work during the war: feedback from our clients

  1. 🩺 1.     Raphaël and Martine 
  2. 🤰 2.     Adolfo and Pamela
  3. ⭐ 3.     Frédérique and Alexander

Again and again we answer - yes, of course, because we have created all the conditions for comfortable and safe participation in our programs for both clients and surrogacy ladies.

No matter how detailed we talk about our work in a difficult time for Ukraine, no one will do it better than the clients of Feskov Human Reproduction Group, who have become happy parents of long-awaited babies over the past year. In this material, we have collected three stories in which foreign families share their experience about a surrogacy journey to Ukraine.

1.     Raphaël and Martine 


В In this video, Raphaël and Martine share their experience: how many years they dreamed of a baby, went through pregnancy failures, difficulties with adoption, how they studied the topic of surrogacy in detail and finally chose Feskov HRG among all other reproductive medicine centers.

“We looked at a lot of videos from families who became parents thanks to surrogacy. Feedbacks about the Feskov clinic convinced us that we are ready to trust these specialists.”

The couple also shares their impressions of how all the processes in our center are organized even during the war.

You can watch the full video feedback on our channel at the link:


2.     Adolfo and Pamela


In this video, Adolfo and Pamela share their experiences related to how their second birth in Ukraine will go (the first son of the couple was also born through surrogacy at Feskov HRG), pleasant impressions of staying in our country and organizing the whole process by specialists of our center.

Transfer, accommodation, preparation of all necessary documents for the consulate, communication with doctors, lawyers, managers and translators - every item worked out by the Feskov Human Reproduction Group team on this trip was highly appreciated by the family.

We thank Adolfo and Pamela for their trust and the opportunity to be a part of this beautiful and amazing story. You can see the full feedback at the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyzL3n-QNpQ&list=PL23nwpXwH2Wj3yU9ZeGhaoUtLT4OEUbZu&index=3

3.     Frédérique and Alexander


In this video, Frédérique and Alexander talk about how they faced unsuccessful attempts to have a baby on their own, how they chose the right clinic to use the surrogacy service, and why they finally trusted Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

The couple also shares their experience of communicating with the specialists of our clinic, how communication was built under martial law and their impressions about Ukraine and the Ukrainian service in general.

You can see the full feedback at this link:


The work of our center does not stop for a day, and even during the war, we create a new life and turn the dreams of parenthood into reality for thousands of families.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group is open to clients from all over the world, and if you are thinking about taking advantage of surrogacy opportunities, leave a request and our international program manager will contact you to answer all your questions. 


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