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Egg donation in Australia

    Childless couples often look for countries with more loyal legislation. 

    In addition to the amount of the donor fee and the cost of services associated with egg donation in Australia, future parents attach great importance to the elaboration of reproductive legislation in the country, the quality and level of medicine, and the additional services available. Feskov Human Reproduction Group collected this information and turned it into its own advantages.

    The guaranteed program « Egg donation» of  Feskov HRG includes an unlimited number of donor oocytes, selection of a healthy embryo using the PGD method, determining the sex of the unborn baby (choice is possible), prenatal check-ups, guest service (accommodation in a hotel or apartment with 3 meals a day), legal support. All  the above, together with the fee to the donor, is included in the price of the selected package of services. We cover risks up to 12 weeks of pregnancy or before delivery (depending on your package of services): if IVF has not ended in pregnancy or its termination has occurred - we will repeat the entire cycle of procedures without additional payments!

    Check out some of the donor database on our website. Participation in the program will open access to the full version of the database, the ability to choose a donor by a photo or get to know her personally (via video link or personally).

    Want to know more about the program? Our managers on the site will be happy to answer your questions!


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