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Eating rules for a surrogate mother

  1. 🩺 Peculiarities of the menu
  2. 🤰 The diet of a pregnant woman or a surrogate mother

Pregnancy is a very important process, because it is necessary to create for the embryo all the conditions for its growth. And one of the important components is the mother's nutrition. Along with food substances that are necessary to ensure that the fetus can receive the necessary "building materials" in time and develop fully, come into the female body, and the woman's body can easily endure this special condition.

It is important not only to try to provide the woman and child with all necessary things with the help of nutrition, but also to minimize the ingress of harmful substances into the body, which can somehow harm the baby. Therefore, when the services of a surrogate mother are used in the reproductive program, special emphasis is placed on nutrition issues. A surrogate mother must follow a number of rules which relate to the diet, the foods and the way they are cooked.

Peculiarities of the menu

The nutrition for a surrogate mother should be rational and include products that contain the right amount of essential substances. It is very important that the body receives enough vitamins and trace elements, and proteins, fats and carbohydrates are consumed in the right proportion to each other. All this is necessarily discussed and prescribed, what food and in what quantities should be used.

Both for the woman who bears her child, and the surrogate mother, it is necessary to exclude from the menu a certain set of products, including: canned food, smoked products, semi-finished products, mushrooms, alcohol, carbonated drinks.

There are also products, the use of which should be limited. These are, for example, confectionery and other foods high in sugar, pickled foods, spicy foods, foods that can cause allergies.


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The diet of a pregnant woman or a surrogate mother

A woman in this critical period of life needs not only to eat the right foods, but also to observe a special diet:

• Eat often and slightly. At the same time the meals should be five times a day in the first half of pregnancy and 5-6 times a day in the second half of pregnancy.

• Cooking from fresh foods and eating freshly prepared foods.

• Drink plenty of liquid. A woman must satisfy the daily need of the body for liquid. This is about 35 g per 1 kg of weight. So, if the weight is 60 kg, then 2 liters of liquid must be consumed per day. But this rule is canceled in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the amount of fluid should be limited to 0.8 liters.

• When cooking, give preference to steamed, baked, boiled and stewed dishes.

• Make a menu in such a way that in the morning  more meat, fish and cereals are eaten, and in the evening  mostly dairy and plant products.

All this is important not only for surrogate mothers, but also for women who are bearing their child.

Proper nutrition gives strength and energy, helps pregnancy to pass easily, and allows the child during the period of formation not to lack the necessary substances.


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