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The surrogacy experience: choosing Ukraine

  1. 🩺 The surrogacy experience: How it began
  2. 🤰 Surrogacy experience: After choosing a clinic
  3. ⭐ Surrogacy experience: After choosing a surrogate mother
  4. 💊 The surrogacy experience: The birth of a child

Future parents with fertility problems in the process of searching for the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine desperately need feedback from people who have already gone through this experience. This article gathers the main factors in favour of choosing Kyiv from couples who have become happy parents in Ukraine.

The surrogacy experience: How it began

The first step in the search for most families seeking surrogacy is choosing a country of birth. Territorial proximity, reliable legislation in the field of surrogacy, all available information about life in the country, the level of reproductive medicine and other factors are taken into account. In general, the standard first step of any project is to gather information and select several countries that are the most promising from the point of view of parents. 

Surrogacy experience: After choosing a clinic

As soon as you manage to approximately choose a country, you study the programs of the reproductive centres offering surrogacy services in that country. And here the feedback from clients is of great importance: success stories, interaction with the staff of the clinic, what fears and difficulties were encountered on the way and how they were overcome. After learning about the experiences of intended parents often decide to request a consultation at the chosen clinic, and often visit the clinic and meet the staff to see how comfortable they will be with each other on their reproductive journey. 

In the case of Kyiv, most couples noted that at the initial stage they knew very little about the city and the country as a whole and had a misconception about them. However, after a personal visit to the chosen clinic, a confidential conversation with its staff, and personal impressions of their stay in Ukraine, doubts were dispelled and the decision was made to start the journey towards the long-awaited child.

Among other important factors that prompted to choose Ukraine, parents also mentioned the following:

  • Pleasant cost of reproductive programs, including the surrogate mother's fee;
  • High level of reproductive medicine in general: from the possession of advanced methods of fertility treatment to clinics equipped with the latest equipment; 
  • Possibility to carry out the program remotely without visiting Ukraine;
  • High level of training and rich experience of Ukrainian reproductologists, many successful cases, including treatment of complex infertility cases;
  • Legality of surrogacy, reliable legal protection of parental rights of biological parents;
  • High level of guest and medical services: transfer and accommodation of guests, provision of multilingual managers, care for the child after birth, possibility of personal acquaintance and constant contact with the surrogate mother, legal support for the child's travel documents; 
  • General feeling of comfort caused by the hospitality of Ukrainians.

Based on the above factors it can be considered that the decision to choose Ukraine is based on a balanced combination of practical and emotional reasons.

Surrogacy experience: After choosing a surrogate mother

After the intended parents have chosen a surrogate mother, the most emotionally intense stage of the reproductive program begins - preparation for IVF and waiting for pregnancy.

It should be understood that the success of IVF does not depend solely on the doctors. It happens that in ideal conditions a perfectly healthy embryo does not take root for unknown reasons. In general, everything is the same as in nature. But couples who have applied for reproductive technologies and surrogacy experience failures particularly acutely. Largely because of the feeling of inability to personally participate in the process and control every stage of it. 

That is why almost all established parents note the great importance of contact with the clinic staff and surrogate mother: experiencing possible failures together, it is easier not to lose faith in a happy ending. And when the long-awaited pregnancy comes, contact with the surrogate mother provides the parents with a sense of belonging and an opportunity to experience together unique emotions while waiting for a new life.

The surrogacy experience: The birth of a child

Once the surrogate mother's pregnancy has culminated in the birth of your baby - all fears are put behind, the happy parents can immerse themselves in the care of their baby and wait calmly for the birth certificate and travel documents for returning home.

Many couples who became parents in Ukraine noted that the clinics created ideal conditions for them: they provided postnatal care for the baby, organised the work of lawyers in such a way that mum and dad took as little time as possible away from childcare to participate in solving legal issues. The gift of a few weeks of happiness alone with their baby is especially warmly recalled by the parents in connection with their choice of a Ukrainian reproductive clinic. 




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