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When the need to use donor material in treatment of infertility is in question many future parents are reasonably worried about genes their child will inherit from a donor. After all, it is genetics that the future of the child largely depends on – health, inclinations, appearance. Ukraine is now a popular country for residents of Europe and the CIS countries who need help in treating infertility. Egg donation is one of the most popular services provided by reproductive clinics. Obviously, the question of what are the advantages of Ukrainian genetics and its features will also be relevant.

What Genes Determine

Firstly, it should be indicated what genes are, what are the main genes of a person and what is their role in the life of a particular individual. By definition, a gene is a special unit, a structural and functional DNA site that determines heredity of living organisms that is passed from parents to their offspring.

What are the genes responsible for? Genes determine physical and mental capabilities and characteristics of a person. They denote how the child will develop, the level of his/her intellect, will, happiness. Sex of a child, color of his/her eyes, hair, height and a whole bunch of external and internal factors depend on them.

The genetic predisposition to a certain extent indicates a further perspective but in fact it is only a launching pad. Negative inclinations are not necessarily implemented, they are rather as seedlings of which a tree can or cannot grow. With an adequate approach, proper education and way of life aggression, depression and laziness will remain no more than inclinations.

At the same time, genes determine the capabilities of a person and their boundaries. To learn, improve, and grow is also a merit of heredity. Specifically, intellect for 50%, choice of profession for 40%, spirituality for 40%, and religiosity for 10% depend on genes. A healthy child without genetic pathologies can always grow up to be a productive member of society.

Genes of Ukrainian Donors

Why Ukraine is so popular in the world of reproductive tourism? Of course, this is the loyal legislation and the quality of the services provided and, naturally, the price for them. But there are many countries with the listed criteria on the whole globe such as India, Thailand and others. When it comes to donation the question arises about genetics.

The genetics of Ukrainians attracts future parents with their obvious advantages. It is a healthy, strong and free nation. The list of talented world renowned Ukrainians can be drawn not for one hour. They are engineers, doctors, artists, businessmen and politicians, sportsmen. It is another matter that many of them had to fully realize their potential in other countries.

The genes of Ukrainian women are beauty and kindness, peacefulness and diligence, endurance and femininity, like the true guardians of their hearth. These are basic values. But under certain circumstances Ukrainian genes will exert all the power of freedom, militancy and courage. This set of unique qualities definitely speaks clearly about good, healthy genes.

Ukrainian genetics also has the advantage that it is quite ancient and widespread throughout the Eurasian continent. According to one version Ukrainians can be the progenitors of all modern Europeans so the similarity at the genetic level among donors and parents of a future child is to some extent assured.

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Donor Health

But genes that determine inclinations, behavior, character are not the most important when choosing a donor. Health perhaps is in the first place. Like inhabitants of the rest of the world Ukrainians also have a genetic predisposition for diseases. One cannot escape from this. But as a matter of fact this moment is excluded almost completely at a stage of selecting donor of an egg or sperm.

Due to careful selection, existing limitations and indications to donation as well as modern technologies the risks of getting sick genes are excluded. A detailed genetic analysis is mandatory, which determines whether and to what extent different hereditary diseases can occur in the gamete donor. With all the existing opportunities, enough people who want to become a donor choosing the ideal one will not be difficult.

If necessary, specialists will conduct pre-implantation diagnosis of the embryo. This, in turn, completely guarantees transplantation of the embryo without chromosomal pathologies. The phenotype of Ukrainians will make it possible to select from all the options the most suitable for the requirements of the spouses. In addition to good genes parents also get optimally matched external qualities – similar eye color, hair, skin tone, nose, lips, ears, and so on.

Having children is a great blessing. Fears that a child conceived from donor gametes will not be natural or unloved quickly disappear with the first photos of ultrasound, with the first movements in the womb, with the first cry in the delivery room. And as you know, maternal love overcomes all difficulties and even changes genes!


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