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Genetics of Ukrainian Donors

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Fears of Future Parents

The first and most subconscious fear of a married couple for which the use of donor sex cells is recommended to treat infertility is that a child will not look like a parent. In this situation this is possible only if a donor embryo is used and if the thing is about an egg or sperm at least 50% of genes will be from the couple.

This fear is also refuted by the fact that, although to a minimum extent, but a woman who is carrying a genetically alien child to some extent can affect his/her genome at the earliest stages of the embryo attachment. She is able to “turn on” one and turn off another egg donor gene. This easily explains the frequent similarity of children born from donor oocytes to their mother.

To reduce the external differences between parents and the child the phenotype is always taken into account. Donors similar in appearance to future parents are optimally selected – the similarities are growth, hair and eyes color, etc. In addition, the level of education, character, beauty and other aspects are taken into account. These factors are considered both in the selection of oocytes and for sperm donors.

Main Genes

The abovementioned interest of Western couples to Ukrainian donors of eggs in particular dictates the clinics offering these services to carry out the highest possible selection of candidates in order to prevent the slightest fails. Age, health, social status, any pathology in the environment of the donor is not a complete list of contraindications to donation which guarantees the high quality of the material provided.

Usually a couple when choosing a donor egg looks for the best genes for the baby. Such aspects as education and intelligence are largely acquired factors depending on the conditions in which the child will grow up. And what about kindness, attractiveness and health? The answer is in the genes.

Ukrainian genetics itself attracts foreigners and not only them. Ukrainian women are naturally beautiful, elegant, refined and feminine. In addition, they are caring, kind, sensual and patient. And the fact that gamete donation is allowed at the legislative level makes the procedure of artificial insemination safe and guarantees absence of gross violations.

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What to be Aware of?

To ensure health of a future child the Order No. 787 dated 09.09.2013 of the Ministry of Health specifies clear conditions for those people who can act as donors of sex cells. Absolute health, absence of medical contraindications and age are the main criteria for selection.

The risks of egg donation for a married couple are excluded by carrying out a huge number of analyses and additional examinations of a female donor. Patients who have various hereditary and chronic diseases, bad habits, negative phenotypic manifestations are excluded.

A karyotype of a donor is a mandatory procedure which allows determining the propensity to develop serious hereditary diseases. The age of the egg donor is also important. Young and healthy gametes minimize the risk of having chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo. Therefore, the age of a woman for donation does not exceed 35 to 36 years, optimally up to 32.

By many factors Ukraine is a certain catalog of premium donors. This is due to the legality of donation, genotype of Ukrainians and an adequate pricing policy for services.


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