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FHRG Commentary on BioTexCom Scandal

    On May 14-15, a wave of discussions about the legality of surrogate motherhood swept Ukraine in the media and social networks. All this was the result of the publication of a video owned by the surrogate motherhood agency “BioTexCom”. The video showed how employees of the agency are caring for 46 newborns who are in one of Kiev's hotels, because they cannot be taken away by foreign biological parents.

    Taking into account the whole situation and multiple requests from the media, we provide information on the measures taken by us during the pandemic. We also hope that with this material we can reassure future parents who have yet to fly to Ukraine to take home their child.

    Since the beginning of March, reorganization work has been ongoing at the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

    The main anti-crisis solution was to provide a remote approach program. Recall that on March 13, Ukraine decided to close the borders, and from March 15 only residents of the country could enter Ukraine.

    “Two weeks before the closure of the borders of Ukraine became decisive for us. Thanks to our doctors, we foresaw the current situation. I can say with confidence that qualified doctors understood that quarantine would stop our life not only for several weeks or a month. We took into account a period of several months - and we were right! ” - Vladislav Feskov, the head of the FHRG.

    Given the fact that in a pandemic, couples suffering from infertility lost the opportunity to visit clinics and start an IVF or surrogacy program, we developed two solutions for remote programs. This means that observing all the precautions in the fight against COVID-19, the family can begin the preparatory stages of the program while in their own country and now become one step closer to their long-awaited parenthood.

    We strongly recommend that you don't follow all discussions and carefully examine information from official sources. At this time, our health, including our psychological health , is the most valuable that we have.

    Future parents who have turned to the services of other agencies and are planning to come to Ukraine in the near future in order to take home their child (data on 18.05.2020):

    Foreign parents of children born in Ukraine from surrogate mothers will be able to take them home subject to the rules established by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    This is stated in the response of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, under conditions of quarantine restrictions, foreigners can enter Ukraine after prior approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    "For this purpose, the foreign embassy must submit a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This also includes the arrival of foreign citizens to resolve issues related to the return of their children to their country of permanent residence"- The Ministry replied.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group profile:

    The clinic of Professor Alexander Feskov, founded in 1995, is currently a modern IVF clinic. The growing demand for surrogacy has become the basis for the creation of its own center for surrogacy - the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. The clinic has modern medical equipment that allows the doctor to carry out not only the IVF / ICSI procedure, as well as pre-implantation genetic diagnostics, carry out sex determination of embryos and select morphologically normal sperm for ICSI.

    FHRG provides guaranteed IVF and surrogacy packages using your own eggs. This means that treatment and the entire program are carried out until the birth of the child without additional fees and changes. Our advantages are unique services and an integrated logistics approach of remote programs.


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