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Egg donor in Ukraine

    Package services within the program guarantee the result: a 12-week pregnancy or the birth of a healthy baby (depending on the package chosen). Having paid for the selected package of services, the couple receives an unlimited number of eggs and IVF. If pregnancy does not occur or is terminated - the entire cycle is repeated without additional payments! The egg donor fee in Ukraine is included in the program price.

    Reproductive technologies are supported by the state: in Ukrainian egg donor clinics, the rights of all participants in the process are clearly regulated, donor claims for custody of children are excluded. Egg donors in Ukraine undergo a rigorous selection process: a full medical examination, tests for alcohol, nicotine and narcotic substances, psychological testing and interviews.

    Feskov HRG guarantees the future parents the right to independently choose an egg donor and even have a personal acquaintance with her (via Skype or  personally).

    The birth of a healthy baby is possible thanks to NGS, a chromosomal set research method that allows you to select healthy embryos for transfer.

    The price of packages includes medical, legal and guest services: embryologists will take care of the health of your unborn child, lawyers will help with obtaining insurance benefits, a personal coordinator will select a hotel or apartment for you for the period of the procedures (together with accommodation in the price included 3-time meals).

    Check out the list of services included in each package and select the most suitable offer for you. Want more details? Managers on our website will be happy to tell about additional bonuses!

    Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you with whatever you need.


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