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The benefits of working with an experienced surrogacy agency

  1. 🩺 Benefits of working with a surrogacy agency
  2. 🤰 How to find the best surrogacy agency for you
  3. ⭐ Financial Certainty
  4. 💊 Fast and reliable selection of a surrogate mother and donors
  5. ✔ Legal support and insurance services
  6. 📝 Coordination of contacts and interactions

Future parents can try to organize the process on their own. But if this is your first experience, it is highly recommended to use the help of an agency with a long-term expertise. We will discuss the benefits of this step in this article.

Benefits of working with a surrogacy agency

The last thing both parents would like to do during the reproductive journey is to scatter their attention and rush between the agency, accounting and law firms, insurance companies, the hospital and other participants. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider full cycle agencies. Based on this, we will describe the advantages of working with a full cycle of services.

Financial Certainty

While paying an agency fee adds to your overall costs, it is beneficial in the long run as a good agency helps you develop a detailed and transparent financial plan. The Agency also controls the timeliness of all necessary payments at all stages of the implementation of the reproductive program.

As a beginner, you may not even be aware of some mandatory items of expenditure. You will know exactly what the cost of each step is. The finished plan contains an assessment of all scenarios: both the one in which the first IVF ended with pregnancy and the birth of your baby, and the one where you needed several cycles.

For a gestational carrier (surrogate mother), cooperation with the agency is also a guarantee of protecting her from unforeseen expenses in connection with pregnancy: specialists will take care of decent compensation for costs and a fee if the service is provided on a commercial basis. This will allow the surrogate mother to relax and focus on the pleasant side of bearing a child.

Fast and reliable selection of a surrogate mother and donors

The agency provides assistance at all stages: from the search for suitable candidates to the conclusion of a contract. This ensures that the interests of both parties are protected. And, of course, it saves a lot of time compared to independent searches.

Agencies have a well-established database of surrogate mothers and egg donors, as well as applications from intended parents. By matching the bases for each side, a suitable variant can be quickly found.

By default, good agencies carry our a thorough background check on both surrogate mothers and prospective parents. Evaluation is carried out in several directions to make sure that the requirements of the parties to each other match. The following factors are also analyzed:

  • Biographies;
  • Physical and mental capacity;
  • Psychological features;
  • Legal status;
  • Financial position;
  • Expectations from participation in the reproductive program.

Absence of medical or psychological contraindications for surrogate mothers – this is by default, if they are provided by a respectable agency.

In addition, a good agency takes into account the various needs of its clients, and therefore can provide egg donors of various races and phenotypes. 

Legal support and insurance services

Concluding a contract with a surrogate mother and donors, obtaining insurance, resolving disputes, assisting in the process of legalizing a newborn are absolutely necessary procedures for future parents.

You will need someone who keeps track of fertility laws and can get you the best deal. For example, choose an insurance plan that covers failed embryo transfers, additional treatments, repeated programs in the event of an abortion, and other points that can greatly drain your budget without insurance. 

Coordination of contacts and interactions

Future parents will have to constantly be in contact with the surrogate mother, the reproductive clinic, the attending physician, the hospital where the birth will take place. It is very difficult for those who do not have experience of participating in reproductive programs to independently coordinate all processes and movements, appointments, payment of bills. Or does not do it professionally every day.

The agency offers the services of a coordinating manager, who also acts as a mediator in contacts between parents and other participants in the program. Your personal manager will accompany you at every stage of the program, helping to cope with emerging issues and prepare for the moment of the birth of the baby.

How to find the best surrogacy agency for you

The first thing for both parents to do is to discuss their expectations for the reproductive journey. Determine your requirements for a gestational carrier, donors (if their services are required). Once the expectations are determined, you can begin to study the ratings of agencies and their proposals.

Important: look for video reviews of people who have become parents through cooperation with surrogacy agencies. Pay attention to those that resonate with your expectations. This will probably help reduce the time it takes to find the right agency.

There is an alternative option - contacting the reproductive clinic directly, which has its own database of surrogate mothers, oocyte donors and in-house lawyers in the field of reproductive law.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group offers a full range of services for your reproductive journey. We have a huge database of verified surrogate mothers and egg donors of different races and phenotypes. Parents will be able to meet with the selected candidates via video link or chat live upon arrival at the clinic.

We offer guaranteed programs that imply 100% birth of a healthy child at a single cost. Parents choose the necessary services, which are paid in stages, and just wait for the birth of their baby.

No re-payments in case of IVF that did not end in pregnancy or termination of pregnancy! We repeat the program at our own expense until you have a healthy baby.

The surrogate mother's fee, her insurance, compensation of expenses during gestation, as well as legal support until the citizenship of the newborn is included in the cost of the program.

In addition to the above, the price includes accommodation and 3 meals a day for the parents during their stay in our country and, of course, the services of a personal coordinator. You will not be left alone with uncertainty: the coordinator is always in touch with you and will help you with any issue.

We have a program with the departure of a surrogate mother for childbirth in any country of the choice of future parents. Or a remote program: you can become parents without leaving your country with the help of the transfer of cryo-frozen embryos, oocytes, sperm. And, of course, we meet your wishes regarding the gender of the future baby: you choose to become the parents of a daughter or a son!

For demanding customers, we also have many interesting offers. For example, the “Human Genomics” service, which allows you to become parents of a child with ideal genetics. We exclude the predisposition of your baby to more than 500 hereditary diseases: oncology, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and other genetically determined diseases.

Tell the manager on our website about your expectations - and we will prepare several detailed plans for you, taking into account your wishes and budget. And also, take a look at our YouTube channel with reviews of happy parents: this is the most reliable confirmation of our qualifications.


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