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Interview of Feskov HRG representatives to Italian TV

    We are grateful to the Italian side for their interest in the topic of surrogate motherhood, their trust and the opportunity to answer the most common questions to a wide audience.

    • How does Professor Feskov's clinic work during the war in Ukraine?
    • What does “remote surrogacy program” mean and how is it implemented in practice?
    • Is it possible for same-sex couples to resort to surrogate motherhood and do we receive similar requests?
    • Is it possible to use surrogate motherhood without medical indications?
    • How are the rights of women participating in our programs as surrogate mothers protected?
    • How many requests for the participation in the surrogacy program come to Feskov HRG from Italy and what is the attitude of the Italian government to this process from a legal point of view?
    • How to contact representatives of our clinic for future parents who want to undergo a surrogacy program?

    These and other questions will be answered by our Italian-speaking coordinator of international programs Lesya Babiy.

    You can watch the video on our YouTube channel here:




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