We invite you to a meeting in Berlin!

If you:

- want to become parents,

- have been trying to get pregnant a long time,

- if you have underwent treatment multiple times without reaching the desired result,

- have experienced IVF failures,

- have had recurrent pregnancy loss,

- are interested in surrogacy and want to know whether it is real and legitimate,

the Kinderwunsch Tage is the best place to obtain reliable information on these issues.

The advantage of visiting the event is that only proven certified clinics take part in it.

The Feskov Human Reproduction Group have been working in the field of reproductive technologies for over 24 years and knows exactly all the ways to assist couples from Europe to become parents. Our team is ready to share such experience with you in the course of face-to-face communication on topics related to your concerns.

Within two days, our leading managers will hold consultations for everyone who wish to listen to them.
In order not to wait in line on the day of the exhibition, we offer you a preliminary registration - then you can be sure that our meeting with you will take place. Fill out a simple registration form and our coordinator will contact you to get acquainted with you and clarify the details.

At the meeting, you will be able:

  1. To get a personal consultation of Vladislav Feskov, the head of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. He will give answers to questions of your interest. He will tell about the level of Ukrainian reproductive medicine, opportunities, guarantees and legality of our programs for the treatment of infertility;
  2. To get a personal consultation with managers who work with couples from Germany, Belgium, France and other European countries. They will tell about the experiences of your fellow citizens who managed to become parents thanks to the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.
  3. For two days, at our stand, our team will work, with the members of which you will be able to communicate in German, English, French, Russian, and Ukrainian;
  4. To listen to a report by Vladislav Feskov on the subject “Medical and Legal Background of Human Genomics in Modern Surrogacy Programs in one of the conference rooms and ask questions.

Where to buy tickets

All that you need to do in order we could meet in Mach in Berlin is to buy tickets at the official wb-site of the event


How to find the Feskov Human Reproduction Group at the Kinderwunsch Tage


Contact information for the exhibition

Official web-site: https://www.kinderwunsch-tage.de/

7–8 March 2020

Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
Stephanstraße 41
10559 Berlin

Opening Time: Saturday, 7th of March 2020 — 10.00 am


Berlin Kinderwunsch Tage event



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