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5 years of free cryoconservation of oocytes — Social Project from Feskov Human Reproduction Group

    The relevance of the problem is explained by recent studies related to reduction of birth rate, and the appropriate social pollings confirm the choice of women to be engaged in self-development. Women CEOs of global companies and brands do not hide the fact that the career and childcare rarely “go hand in hand”.

    In her recent interview, Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, commented on combination of family and business: “My husband always told me that on my list of tasks are PepsiCo, PepsiCo, PepsiCo, our two children, my mother, and then at the bottom of the list is him”. The international company PwC conducted a polling of 3.6 thousand women of 28 to 40 years old from 60 countries - among those who took part in the polling: 97% of women noted the importance of interesting work and career growth, and 75% said that it was important for them to reach the top of the career ladder.

    We cannot change the course of time, but we can protect ourselves and think about our future. The oocyte cryopreservation is a technology that allows you to conserve healthy biomaterial for 10-20 years. This is a deliberate deferred motherhood and a medical guarantee that you can become a mother at the most ideal and suitable time for you. This is exactly what we are contributing to the “Social Freezing” social project.

    Project objectives:

    • To bring to the maximum number of people information on declining birth rates due to the concentration of women on careers and development;
    • The social project shall cover more than 20 million people;
    • To attract social organizations and funds to the Project for joint work on the problem and dissemination of information about its solution;
    • To popularize social projects among IVF, ART and surrogate motherhood clinics.

    Who can take part?

    A woman aged 28 to 39 years without children from any country in the world who believes that the delayed motherhood is the best solution for her and is ready to publicly tell other girls all over the world about her story.

    How to take part in the event?

    All applications are accepted until 15.12.2019 in English sent only by e-mail: freezing@feskov.com

    Send us your story and write why it is important for you to participate in our event.

    Be sure to specify:

    1. Age.
    2. Address.
    3. What do you do in your life?
    4. Your achievements.
    5. Why is your participation in the project important for you?
    6. Why do you want to become a public example for other women?
    7. Add 2-3 photos of you to your letter (one of which shall be a full-length photo).
      Your video will be a separate plus.
    8. Add a reference link to your profile on any social network (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin).

    Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you with whatever you need.

    Social Freezing - a step towards the future

    We want each participating woman to learn about new reproductive technologies and think about the fact that motherhood may be planned. Those women who currently deny the appearance of a baby in their lives may reconsider their decision in the future. The female body is more subjected to stress and changes in life than the male one. This is reflected not only on the woman’s nervous system, but also on her reproductive health - a decrease in the ovarian reserve. The cryopreservation and storage of eggs for participants in this social project will be free for 5 years. Your career, age and lack of partner are no longer threats to your motherhood. You conserve not only healthy eggs, but also the most important human resource – your time.

    Why do you need to take part in the social project?

    The participation is an opportunity to become an example for many women who face a choice: career or child? We are looking for 5 special girls who will fly to Ukraine, go through the necessary procedures and get the opportunity to conserve eggs free of charge in the cryobank of the clinic for 5 years. Each participant is a separate story and example, whom women from all over the world shall learn about. We will interview all the girls and talk about each stage of the program in our YouTube channel.

    What will happen next?

    1. After completion of receipt of applications for participation (15.12.2019), we will begin selection of the participants for the project. All women selected by us will receive a notification by e-mail. Be ready: we will ask you to send us some tests (ultrasound of the pelvic organs from the 1st to the 5th day of the cycle, analysis for HIV and hepatitis), so that our physicians can determine the health condition of your reproductive system. Based on these important data, 5 main candidates will be selected for their coming to Ukraine. A coordinator and a physician will communicate with you; participation in this social project on cryopreservation requires studying your state of health.
    2. Next, 5 participants will receive an online consultation with a fertility specialist of the clinic to get acquainted and discuss the important stages of preparation for cryopreservation.
    3. After you will know the date of your arrival to Ukraine. It is directly related to your reproductive health and female cycle data. Each organism is individual, our team will try to make so that you arrive only once for a maximum of 3-4 working days. The hotel accommodation and meals are paid for by the clinic. The transportation costs are paid by the participant herself.
    4. While in Ukraine, you will sign the necessary documents for the provision of the medical services. All procedures are legal, so we strengthen our cooperation.
    5. Participating in this social event, you will get a number of free procedures: a medical examination in our clinic, the necessary tests, consultation with a fertility specialist, a course to stimulate the ovaries and prepare for cryopreservation, all the necessary medicines. All of these procedures are free.
    6. After the puncture procedure, your healthy eggs will be placed in the clinic’s cryobank for free conservation for 5 years.
    7. In conclusion, we want you to tell us about your impressions and become an example for many other women. We will interview you for our YouTube channel.
    8. Further, you’ll fly home.
    9. Your participation is completed and, most importantly, your contribution to your future motherhood has already been made. We have conserved your healthy eggs for your perfect pregnancy.

    What does the oocyte cryopreservation program consist of?

    The woman, while at the initial appointment with the fertility specialist, receives a consultation, submits tests and begins preparation for the cryopreservation program. Medical examination: basic blood and urine tests, ultrasound diagnostics, tests for hormones and infections. Depending on the results, the duration and intensity of the ovarian stimulation cycle are selected. This is necessary in order to get the maximum number of eggs for subsequent freezing. Taking the eggs (puncture) occurs under mild general anesthesia and takes 20 minutes. This process is painless. A couple of hours after the procedure, the girl can continue her usual rhythm of life.

    We will be grateful if you share information about our social project.

    Publish your history with #social_freezing and tag us — @surrogacy_feskov.


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