Egg donor in the UK

news: Egg donor in the UK
Jan 14, 2020

UK law has introduced extremely unpopular measures in the field of regulation of reproductive legislation. Due to the cancellation of anonymous donation, the egg donor bank in the UK has thinned a lot. Since 2005, children born using donor oocytes have the right to learn all about their biological mother. This measure also did not contribute to the popularization of donation services. The resulting  serious lack of donors has led to the fact that a donor egg for IVF in England can become available to a childless couple after 2-3 years of waiting. Well, the state support measures served by the final chord: the remuneration is fixed, the egg donor in the UK costs about 750 pounds.

The perspective of many years of waiting is forcing childless couples to seek the opportunity to receive these services abroad. Several basic requirements in this regard: legality, guarantees, the absence of legal conflicts and a reasonable pricing policy

All these requirements are met by Ukraine and the Feskov Human Reproduction Group. Reproductive services in the country are supported at the legislative level, laws protect the interests of the child’s parents, so you can 't be afraid of any litigation with donors for the right of custody. Center for Reproduction of Professor Feskov A.M. provides a full range of services: medical, guest and legal. For the duration of the IVF, our clients live in comfortable hotels and apartments (meals are included), our lawyers draw up a complete list of documents for unhindered departure with the newborn to their country, and the medical part is included in guaranteed programs.

Guaranteed programs imply a fixed payment for the required package of services and risk coverage (up to 12 weeks or until delivery, depending on the package): if IVF with a donor egg is unsuccessful or the pregnancy is terminated, the repeated cycle of procedures is carried out without surcharges. A fee for an egg donor complete with medical examinations, sex determination, creation of a healthy embryo using the PGD diagnostic method, guest service and legal support are included in the package price.

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