Embryo donation / adoption “Comfort Guarantee”

Embryo donation / adoption “Comfort Guarantee” IVF with healthy embryo selection and sex determination
17 000€

First payment — analytical step

  • Primary medical examination of woman before pregnancy care [medical consultations, all necessary clinical and laboratory tests, hysteroscopy / laparoscopy included]
  • Legal consultation, contract conditions explanation, cooperation with insurance company of Customers
  • Embryo selection for adoption
5 000 €

Second payment — pregnancy achieving

  • [egg donor selection] & sperm donor providing
  • Guest services / food supplement included
  • Unlimited number of IVF attempts with sperm donor and egg donation
  • Unlimited number of embryo transfer to uterus cavity of woman (Customer) up to pregnancy achieving
    * only healthy embryos are transferred to uterus!
  • Pregnancy care up to 12th week (embryo term)
12 000€
Total amount of package:  17 000€
  • Positive result is determined as pregnancy 12 weeks (embryo term).
  • Free of charge new IVF attempt up to pregnancy will be achieved!
  • Guarantee of genetically healthy baby birth

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Package conditions description:

  1. Embryo adoption program “Comfort Guarantee”  provided for  for couples of every ages (in ranges of healthy mind approach and individual situation) and unmarried women
  2. “Comfort Guarantee”  program covers Guarantee  IVF treatment with 100 % pregnancy achieving. Coverage level of risks - up to 12th week of pregnancy (embryo term).
  3. Guarantee of healthy baby birth.
  4. You need only to provide yourself to our professional team and select biological material (donor’s  sperm and eggs) for healthy embryos creation. All inclusive services up to pregnancy achieving are provided by “Comfort Guarantee”.
  5. In case of pregnancy termination after 12th weeks (embryo term), new IVF attempts provided after additional payment 4500 euro.
  6. Sex selection = special order for pregnancy and baby birth of healthy baby of ordered gender (sex of baby) ; sex of baby is detected on stage of blastocysts development in-votro. Sex selection is paid additionally in amount of 10 000 euro.
  7. Food supplement and accommodation are included to the cost of package; assistance for logistical issues in order how to reach Kharkiv or Kiev is provided by our manager for service and logistics.    


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