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How much does a donor egg cost

    In a number of countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia), parents are required to provide complete information about the donor at the first request of the child, and in the United States prices are not regulated, so an egg donor price can vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars.

    Feskov Human Reproduction Group studied all the issues that concern future parents. The clinic's goal was to create guaranteed programs, including unlimited use of eggs to achieve pregnancy, the creation of embryos without chromosomal pathologies suitable for transfer, the opportunity to choose and personally get acquainted with the donor, and also choose the sex of the unborn child.

    To remove the last worries on the way to a long-awaited parenthood, we included in the program “ Egg Donation” not only an egg donor cost, but also a set of related medical procedures, as well as covering risks (unlimited number of repeated IVF procedures without additional payments, in case of non-occurrence or termination of pregnancy) ) until the 12th week or until delivery, depending on the package selected.

    Check out a small part of our donors on the site: each of these women underwent a multi-stage selection system, a complete medical examination, including tests for alcohol and drugs. We care about the health of your unborn children, therefore we regularly monitor the health status of donors.

     If you are interested in egg donation and how much does an egg donor cost, ask our specialists any questions about the program. Use the form on the website or any convenient communication channel - we everywhere respond promptly.


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