What is Artificial Insemination in Humans?

Many couples cannot become parents because of problems with the fecundation. The main task of the reproductive science is to help such couples have a native baby. This is where the procedure of artificial insemination is of great help.

Apr 23, 2018
Advantages of Artificial Insemination

Life can bring numerous joys, including the joy of achievement, the joy of creation, the joy of having sense of life. However, without full family, these joys may seem temporary. For most people, embracing one’s own offspring is one of the most important and priceless achievements in life. However, the reality may be unpleasant and even cruel, since infertility respects nobody’s social class, education, religion, or age.

Apr 04, 2018
How Artificial Insemination is Carried Out in Humans

Despite the desire of many people to have children, infertility is still a major challenge for many modern couples. But the good news is that artificial insemination comes in as one of the key technological interventions helping people to conceive.

Mar 23, 2018

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