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How Artificial Insemination is Carried Out in Humans

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Despite the desire of many people to have children, infertility is still a major challenge for many modern couples. But the good news is that artificial insemination comes in as one of the key technological interventions helping people to conceive. But how does artificial insemination take place in human body? In the remaining sections of this post, we shall show you clearly how artificial insemination is carried out in humans.

ICI Insemination

The main peculiarity of the ICI insemination is that the sperm is inserted with all natural fluids and other cells ejaculated with sperm. This form of artificial insemination includes the insertion of sperm into the woman’s cervix. This process can take place either at the doctor’s office or in the patient’s home. To succeed in it, the following steps will be followed:

  • The woman will need to watch her ovulation cycle. She can do this by ultrasound, taking her temperature, or combining both. At times, a medical professional may administer medications to cause the woman to ovulate and increase her chances of releasing eggs.
  • The doctor will insert the sperm from the donor the woman or couple has previously chosen. The harvesting place in the following ways:
    • Masturbation
    • Direct removal from the man’s reproductive system
    • Electric vibration and stimulation leading to ejaculation
  • After the sperm reaches proper temperature (as it is usually frozen), it is inserted into the woman’s cervix using a specialized syringe.
  • After the insertion, the woman should remain lying for between 15 and 30 minutes to facilitate the smooth flow of the sperm into the uterus. Afterwards, she can resume her normal daily duties. She will need a fortnight to undergo a pregnancy test to establish the success of the process.


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The main peculiarity if the IUI method is usage of “washed” sperm, that is, providing only cells crucial for conception. Unlike the ICI, this method involves the insertion of cells into the uterus directly. The process is similar to ICI but it has a few extra steps, which are listed below as follows:

  • The “washing” of the male sperms to eliminate all possible contaminants(proteins) that could interfere with fertilization, and hence, boost conception chances
  • The doctor uses a specialized tool to insert sperms into the uterus directly through the cervix.

We hope our brief and insightful post on how artificial insemination is carried out in people is useful. For those seeking conception using this method, we wish you a successful conception and happy parenting.


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