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How To Prepare Your Body For IVF: Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

  1. 🩺 IVF is a long and expensive process
  2. 🤰 IVF does not guarantee success
  3. ⭐ IVF is an emotional swing
  4. 💊 Organized and disciplined
  5. ✔ Take care of yourself
  6. 📝 The importance of a supportive partner
  7. ⚡ Family and friends may not understand you
  8. 🧬 IVF can be a lonely journey
  9. 🩺 Taking a break is okay
  10. 🤰 Have realistic expectations

Thanks to extensive experience working with surrogate mothers and women who have undergone embryo transfer, Feskov Human Reproduction Group has compiled a database of reliable advice before IVF to increase the likelihood of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child. This is an experienced collection of “things I wish I knew before IVF” from women who have had this experience.

IVF is a long and expensive process

Preparing for IVFmust take into account the complexity of this process. It all starts long before the embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity:

  1. Medical examinations and, if necessary, treatment.
  2. Taking hormonal medications that can affect your physical and emotional state.
  3. Impressive financial costs: such, for example, is the cost of an IVF program in the UK.

It is important to find a balance between faith in success and willingness to accept the unsuccessful outcome of the procedure. Friendly support will definitely help you a lot, as well as visiting a psychologist and positive contact with other participants in the reproductive program.

IVF does not guarantee success

How To Prepare Your Body For IVF: Things I Wish I Knew Earlier 1

One of the most important aspects of preparing for IVF is understanding the limitations of the procedure. This is without a doubt one of the most effective methods of treating infertility, but not a panacea. The successful occurrence of pregnancy is influenced by many factors, the main ones being the woman’s age, the quality of the embryo and the causes of infertility. In some cases, the transfer ends in failure when, it would seem, all significant factors are close to ideal.

According to long-term observations of doctors, an average of three protocols are required to achieve pregnancy. Be patient and trust your doctor.

IVF is an emotional swing

When intense anticipation, desperate desire for success and hormonal drugs come together, preparing for IVF becomes an emotional roller coaster. During this period you may be very vulnerable and need support. Do not hesitate to contact your family and friends, as well as the psychologist at your clinic. Talk about your condition - this will help you better cope with anxiety and fears, and also strengthen relationships with loved ones.

Organized and disciplined

Being organized is the main thing to do before IVF. At the stage of preparation for embryo transfer, a woman must strictly follow all recommendations and prescriptions of the attending physician. To take medications and give injections on time, you will need an organizer and calendar reminders set for reliability.

Also, in preparation for IVF, reproductive psychologists recommend keeping a diary and recording your experiences in order to make psychological sessions more productive.

Take care of yourself

It is equally important to both prepare your body for IVF and normalize your emotional state. Fortunately, these two goals are served by the same set of simple actions: a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, sleep patterns, and exercise. Yoga, meditation, and walks in nature work very well as anti-stress measures.

It is also very important to undergo a full examination, stabilize the condition in case of chronic diseases, normalize weight, take folic acid for normal follicle formation, successful pregnancy and proper fetal development.

Respect your feelings and thoughts: this is one of the main tips during IVF. It's completely normal if you don't always feel uplifted. Hormonal medications can change your mood several times a day. It will be great if you talk openly about everything that happens to you with your loved ones, a psychologist and the attending physician at the reproductive center.

The importance of a supportive partner

Make sure your partner is well informed about what happens during the IVF preparation phase. It is important that he not only knows how to prepare your body for IVF, but is also ready for emotional swings and is able to accept you in any condition.

Family and friends may not understand you

Those who are not involved in the IVF preparation process with you may not understand your thoughts, feelings and condition. Your boundaries may be violated by unsolicited advice, or you may be offended by the insensitive behavior of friends and family.

Don’t be angry with your loved ones and friends, just understand that what prevents them from understanding you is the lack of similar experience, not empathy.

IVF can be a lonely journey

How To Prepare Your Body For IVF: Things I Wish I Knew Earlier 2

Since the experience of participating in a reproductive program is quite specific, understanding and support will be easiest to find among people who have experienced similar experiences.

On specialized forums and groups you can get support and exchange information with people who have already gone through, are going through or are about to go through the same thing as you. You can always find out from experienced participants how to prepare your body for IVF and cope with emotional experiences.

Taking a break is okay

You can always take a break from your program if you feel that preparing for IVF has exhausted you mentally and physically. Once your condition has normalized, you can return, this time knowing what to do before IVF to maximize your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Have realistic expectations

It is very important to have realistic expectations about IVF. Yes, this method is one of the most highly effective among all known approaches to the treatment of infertility. But it is not 100% effective in every individual case. There is a possibility that you will need several embryo transfers and more knowledge about how to prepare your body for IVF before achieving pregnancy.

Also, at the stage of preparation for IVF, it is worth considering that successful embryo transfer is only the first step on the path to the long-awaited baby. Unfortunately, in the future you may experience a miscarriage or premature birth.

One of the most important “things I wish I knew before IVF” for those whose program ended with the birth of a child is that it will take a lot of patience, as well as the ability to not despair in the face of failure, before you can hold your baby.

We hope that these tips on preparing for IVF will help you get ready for persistent and painstaking work, get rid of illusions and strengthen your hope that perseverance will definitely be rewarded.

If you want to discuss the progress and conditions of the reproductive program, as well as get advice on preparing for IVF from a doctor, contact the manager on our website and receive a free consultation taking into account your individual situation.


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