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What Are The Benefits of Gender Selection?

  1. 🩺 Gender selection using the PGD method
  2. 🤰 Pros of choosing the gender of the child        
  3. ⭐ Argumentation against

This progressive practice has been around for decades and has many benefits. Especially for families where there are several children of the same sex or when inherited diseases are transmitted through gender.

Parents who come to Feskov Human Reproduction Group for IVF, surrogacy or egg donation, clearly understand their intentions and the desired result. The ethical side is very important. Therefore, our specialists start the program when both parents know what is at stake and feel comfortable.

Gender selection using the PGD method

Modern medical reproductive technologies are capable of gender selection through sperm sorting or preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) in combination with IVF. It is the latter option that gives future parents a choice of which embryos to implant in the uterus. This includes testing for genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and gender selection.

This technology is a worthy alternative to prenatal diagnostics. When an analysis of the chorionic villi or amniotic fluid is done for a period of 8-12 weeks to study the chromosomal composition of the material. Although prenatal diagnosis is mainly done to screen the fetus for chromosomal mutations and developmental abnormalities, gender can also be determined in this way.

PGD is a modern technique for diagnosing genetic disorders in a human embryo before transferring it into the uterine cavity, that is, before pregnancy. Also, through it, as a bonus, you can determine the sex of the future child. For this, in laboratory conditions, a small sample of the outer layer of cells is taken from the embryo at the blastocyst stage (5 days of development). This process is used in parallel with artificial insemination - IVF.

In our Clinic, all reproductive programs involve checking the embryo for genetic pathologies, of which more than 100 are known. This is a standard procedure for a couple, especially if there may be chromosomal abnormalities in the family. As a result, it plays a key role in gender selection.

Pros of choosing the gender of the child        

Consider the main advantages that the choice of the sex of the future baby brings with it:

  1. Reducing the risk of genetic diseases. This is the main plus of gender selection. Since some genetic and hereditary pathologies are tied to a specific field. For example, mostly boys suffer from hemophilia, and the disease is transmitted through the female line. If there is a strong possibility that a father or mother could pass the disease on to their son or daughter, it would be helpful to take the risk if the parents were able to choose the gender of the child before pregnancy. This will effectively eliminate all risks and prevent the occurrence of disease.
  2. Effective family planning. Gender selection gives parents more flexibility in this matter. Providing the ability to choose the gender of the child can affect the number of children a family chooses to raise. In some families with only girls, parents may try to give birth to a boy, after several unsuccessful attempts. And in China, there is generally a limit on the number of children. Therefore, the procedure will be an important part of giving parents more choice.
  3. Decreased income levels. Some people give birth to children until a child of the desired gender is born in the family. This can affect the ability of parents to raise, feed, and educate all of their children.
  4. A more deliberate preparation process. There are some practical benefits to gender selection. Families can plan their activities, choose appropriate clothes, toys, and prepare a nursery. And also, if there are things and toys left from a grown child of the same sex, this will help significantly save money. This point is rarely the overriding reason. But it can have its effect if other factors enter the equation.
  5. An opportunity to give your baby more love and attention. The fact that some people crave for a child of a certain gender is often not acknowledged by parents, but it is. Many give maximum attention and care to the son, not the daughter. Therefore, it is better to be honest with yourself and your partner if it matters a lot to the person. If the opportunity to choose the gender of the future baby will create a more comfortable and happy family atmosphere, then why not.
  6. Bereavement support. Some families may have lost a child. And being able to choose the gender of their next baby will help them overcome the loss. However, the newborn should not be viewed as a substitute, it is a new life in itself. This is something that will help reduce grief and also give the family a boost to move on. In some cultures, there are practical reasons for this, such as inheritance and family lineage.

Our Clinic strives to make the process of gaining parental happiness as comfortable and effective as possible. Therefore, as bonuses to the main programs, we offer additional services such as live meeting with an egg donor or transport of cryo-frozen oocytes or embryos.

Argumentation against

Naturally, such a delicate subject of human reproduction, like surrogacy, has its opponents. And it is often discussed at various public hearings. There will always be questions about the morality and ethics of choosing the sex of the child.

For example, the American Association for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) discourages the use of genetic testing for non-medical gender selection and thinks that this could lead to gender bias. However, he agrees that the choice of the sex of the baby for the purpose of balance is a private matter for each individual cell of society, and this reproductive right is protected by the constitution.

There are often practical reasons why people have strong beliefs against gender selection. For example, it can cause an imbalance in the natural opposition of men and women. This is more typical feminist organizations and individuals who are concerned about gender discrimination against women. Since, most fathers want to have male heirs.

The rather high cost of the procedure is another argument that is often raised when discussing this topic. Not every childless family can afford in vitro fertilization, not to mention surrogacy and other innovative technologies for the reproduction of human beings.

Having a baby is a privilege. Gender selection is an extension of this privilege and should not be abused. Although the advantage of choosing the sex of the baby is often in the interests of both the parents and the newborn himself. Since, with a high probability, it can be argued that the child will have a more fulfilling and happy childhood.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group supports giving parents a choice when it comes to themselves and their families. We view our Center as an institution that follows the letter of the law and is fully committed to moral and ethical standards, always allowing patients to make their own choices. We are proud of our professionalism and the high level of trust of our patients!


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