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The Importance of Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

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Choosing the right fertility clinic is an extremely important factor for those who have problems conceiving and bearing a child. When deciding to seek help from reproductive technology, a couple must take into account different criteria that are inherent in a particular medical institution. The best reproductive medicine clinic is not only a place where effective treatment is provided, but also a space where patients feel comfortable and safe, as well as feel the compassion and support of the staff.

For a quarter century Feskov Human Reproduction Group provides a variety of reproductive services to families from all over the world. IVF, surrogacy, sperm donation, oocyte and embryos donation - we use all legal opportunities so that people get a baby in guaranteed way. Based on our experience, we offer advice on choosing the right clinic.

Clinic search


A good start on the path to parenting happiness is to spend some time doing online research on the Internet.

The main criteria for choosing a reliable reproduction center:

  • the institution must have licenses and permits to conduct specialized activities;
  • duration of functioning in the field of reproductive medicine;
  • reviews and recommendations of former patients, reputation in the market;
  • availability of modern equipment that allows for subtle reproductive manipulations - chromosome screening for genetic pathologies, sex determination, etc.;
  • provision of the full range of services (transfer, accommodation, lawyers, paperwork, etc.) or only medical services;
  • the presence of verified banks with data from surrogate mothers and donors;
  • representations in other countries;
  • cost of services, guarantee and package offers.

In case the couple has friends or relatives who have been in a similar situation, they can ask them to share their experiences about the Center.

Clinic's success in infertility treatment


Infertility, both female and male, can be caused by various reasons. Therapies are also constantly evolving. Therefore, it is important that the clinic is already effectively treating such cases, its degree of success. No need to feel uncomfortable asking questions about their treatment success, the number of children born, IVF performed, etc. Every patient has the right to know this information. These numbers and indicators should become an important factor in making a decision to contact this particular clinic.

Comfortable atmosphere


While finding a reputable reproduction center is crucial, staff who take the time to listen, answer questions in person or over the phone, and generally make you feel comfortable is invaluable. Fertility treatment programs can challenge the emotions of each partner in a couple. Often, this is a test of mutual understanding, support, respect and love in the family. Feeling calm and relaxed in the medical facility and with the staff from day one is a good sign.

Reproductive services cost


Reproductive health clinics must provide clear and concise information about current and additional costs. Which may relate to certain drugs, research, or surgery. Prices vary from institution to institution. Therefore, if you have a small budget or if cost is a stumbling block for the family, you need to make sure that the announced expenses are acceptable. Also, having an account in a reliable bank in a stable state is an additional criterion for the seriousness of the institution.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group, offers patients transparent all-inclusive package programs for different budgets with legal design and guarantees. The Economy package is valid until the 12th week of pregnancy and has a reasonable cost. The Comfort program implies an unlimited number of IVFs until a successful result. There is a significant price to pay for VIP and Deluxe programs. However, the patient is provided with the full range of services without additional payments until the birth of a healthy child. For example, services of a VIP surrogate mother imply acquaintance and communication with the selected candidate, positive previous experience and recommendations of the woman, the possibility of traveling to any country in the world for childbirth.

Consulting and support


Psychological counseling and professional support from specialists and family counselors is an inevitable part of the solution to problems related to fertility. Since patients should feel confident and calm, having received the support of the chosen medical institution.

The main thing is the feeling that the patient is not alone in his trouble. That the professional team sympathizes with him and does everything possible to solve the existing problems in the most effective way. Also, the role of a psychologist is important for normalizing the microclimate within the family, building relationships between partners at this difficult time for them.

Any couple will find help, sympathy and professionalism in Feskov Human Reproduction Group. An individual approach to each case, package offers, loyal pricing policy, a full range of services, support at all stages of the journey guarantee family happiness with a newborn!



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