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Egg donation in Feskov Human Reproduction Group

    The search for donor biological material can be carried out through a specialized egg donors agencies or reproductive clinics. In some countries, only non-profit donation is allowed, therefore a woman who has provided an egg donation service can only count on compensation for lost earnings and reasonable expenses incurred. Where commercial donation is permitted, the price in some cases can reach several tens of thousands of dollars. And everywhere you have to pay for related medical services without any guarantee of results.

    An egg donor may be anonymous. In a number of countries, anonymity is excluded, since the law requires parents to inform all their children about the donor upon request.

    Private egg donors also exist. They enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement with the couple. But such an approach to the egg donor service is complicated and not always beneficial, as legally confirmed guarantees are not available to any party and it is a risk to contact a private egg donor.

    You can protect yourself from any risks using the guaranteed Feskov Human Reproduction Group program “Egg donation”. For a fixed price, an unlimited number of oocytes and IVF are provided to the couple, all medical procedures, guest services (accommodation and meals) and the donor's fee are included in the price. At the same time, all risks are covered (depending on the package until the 12th week of pregnancy or till the birth of the baby): if the IVF did not end successfully or the pregnancy is terminated - a repeated cycle of procedures is carried out at the expense of the clinic.

    The cost of the program and the included services can be found on the website. The manager is always ready to answer your questions..


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