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Feskov reproductive medicine, reproductive rights, human genetics.

The company was founded by Alexander Feskov, M.D., a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction, and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ASRM. Since 1995, he has been working in Ukraine.

  • Our technologies

    Our technologies are the most advanced, which allows us to solve male and female reproductive problems of any complexity. In this case, the main mandatory condition for their application is reliability and safety. We use surrogate motherhood, oocyte donation, pre - implantation genetic diagnosis, cellular therapy, mitochondrial transfer and other modern reproductive techniques that allow making a child's birth possible with any forms of infertility, and also to achieve the birth of a perfectly healthy baby.

  • Our employees

    Our employees are top-class specialists who successfully combine practical work with the scientific one. These are candidates and doctors of medical sciences who have long been engaged in reproductive health issues. We keep our finger on the pulse of the world's medical discoveries, follow the latest research in reproductive endocrinology, we are actively involved in the scientific process and timely introduce successful medical developments.

  • We provide

    We provide our customers with comfort and reliability. During the whole period of our cooperation they are surrounded by care and understanding. We work with everyone individually and take evere - one's problems to heart. We have many achievements, but we do not rest on our laurels, but we strive to work even better. Our main task is a positive result in each specific case. When you come to our company, you do not just come to a good doctor. You get a full range of services. The doctor's talent, the work of service management and the skills of lawyers - everything works for results. You trust us the solution of your problems, and asa result, you embody the dream of a child in life.

  • World coverage

    Our partners are in the USA, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy and other countries (exact geolocation of partners can be learned from managers). Cooperation allows us to achieve better results and maximize the opportunities offered by the use of surrogate motherhood and other reproductive technologies so that children can appear in families with reproductive problems. In the modern world, logistics plays an important role and influences the success of an event. We took it into service, we work clearly and smoothly planning each step in advance and adjust to your wishes.

  • Our locations

    To date, the company includes three clinics: in Kharkov, Kiev and Prague. The main office is in the city of Kharkov. Here there are 2 IVF laboratories, an operating laboratory, a genetic laboratory. In the clinics located in Prague and Kiev, we carry out medical programs, conduct initial consultations and examinations of patients.

  • Working with partners, we successfully implemented remote guarantee programs. You do not need to come to Ukraine to become our customers. Conducting the reproductive program and labors can take place in your country or another country that you choose.

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  • We always put ourselves in the patient's place and select the best program. We apply only guarantee programs that give a 100% result. The participants of WHO program in overcoming inheritance of monogenic diseases. We use the minimum of the human factor in the work of high-precision technologies. When the outcome is determined by the hand of a master (for example, when choosing a healthy sperm), we have an accurate handmade work. We cover all medical risks associated with IVF, pregnancy management. IVF Perfect human - creating a genetically perfect healthy child from your sperm and egg. Own base of egg donors, selection of a donor for genetic testing. Personal acquaintance with an egg donor. We select donors of ovules of any nationality. We find the donor who looks like as much as you. Own bank of surrogate mothers, the most effective choice and control. Work without intermediaries: best prices, high usability, result without risk.
    all technoogies
  • High-quality implementation of individually selected and masterly executed world's newest technologies at Ukrainian loyal prices and before the onset of pregnancy on a turn-key basis without additional payments. Each client has an individual approach that includes deep analysis of the situation, which allows finding a solution in each case. Payments are made officially through the bank, all major currencies of the world are used. There is a possibility of cooperation with your insurance company. Individual drafting of contracts. We solve legal issues of any level, complexity and volume. We provide a full range of legal services right up to obtaining a passport for a child in your country. Complete in-house infrastructure: availability of own IVF and genetic laboratories, modern operating rooms. A personal coordinator is provided for each client. Multilingual staff works. Comfortable conditions in the hospital. Modern VIP-chambers, hotels and apartments, where you will feel most comfortable and cosy.
Our team
  • our team: Alexander Mikhailovich Feskov
    Alexander Mikhailovich Feskov

    MD., Ph.D., Professor, founder and director of Feskov Human Reproduction Group, member of ASRM, ESHRE.

    MD., Ph.D., Professor, founder and director of Feskov Human Reproduction Group
  • our team: Vladyslav Feskov
    Vladyslav Feskov

    Chief of the Surrogate motherhood Center of professor Feskov, PhD, obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, genetic counsellor, a specialist in minimally invasive gynecological surgery, member of ASRM, ESHRE.

    Chief of the Surrogate motherhood Center of professor Feskov
  • our team: Anna Salnikova
    Anna Salnikova

    Lawyer on Reproductive Rights and Policies in the Reproductive Area

    Lawyer on Reproductive Rights and Policies in the Reproductive Area
  • our team: Olga Cherdak
    Olga Cherdak

    Lawyer on Reproductive Rights and Policies in the Reproductive Area

    Lawyer on Reproductive Rights and Policies in the Reproductive Area
  • our team: Babiy Lesya
    Babiy Lesya

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Ksenia Stadnichenko
    Ksenia Stadnichenko

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Irina Smolina
    Irina Smolina

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Inessa Ruskol
    Inessa Ruskol

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Valeria Kalinichenko
    Valeria Kalinichenko

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Natalia Svyatetz
    Natalia Svyatetz

    International Outreach Manager

    International Outreach Manager
  • our team: Darya Feskova
    Darya Feskova

    Team Leader of Program Management Department

    Team Leader of Program Management Department
  • our team: Karina Kuriaeva
    Karina Kuriaeva

    Ongoing pregnancy programs coordinator

    Ongoing pregnancy programs coordinator
  • our team: Alexandra Khmelnytskaya
    Alexandra Khmelnytskaya

    Coordinator for pregnancy ongoing programs

    Coordinator for pregnancy ongoing programs
  • our team: Muzzhukhina Valeria
    Muzzhukhina Valeria


  • our team: Maryna Reshetova
    Maryna Reshetova

    Сoordinator/ assistant of Team leader

    Сoordinator/ assistant of Team leader
  • our team: Yuliia Yekhalo
    Yuliia Yekhalo

    IVF coordinator

    IVF coordinator
  • our team: Natalia Ponomarenko
    Natalia Ponomarenko

    Coordinator for pregnancy ongoing programs

    Coordinator for pregnancy ongoing programs
  • our team: Irina Bezpechnaya
    Irina Bezpechnaya

    Head of the Department of IVF, an obstetrician - gynecologist, physician ultrasound, reproductive system. ASRM, ESHRE

    Head of the Department of IVF
  • our team: Natalia Chumakova
    Natalia Chumakova

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, the doctor SPL reproductologist

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, the doctor SPL reproductologist
  • our team: Alexandra Zozulina
    Alexandra Zozulina

    The Acting Head of the Department of IVF, an obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive system, the doctor SPL. ASRM, ESHRE

  • our team: Ihor Osovskyi
    Ihor Osovskyi

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductologist
  • our team: Elena Blazhko
    Elena Blazhko

    Head Hospital, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist of the first category, a reproductive doctor SPL. ASRM, ESHRE, specialist minimally invasive surgery in gynecology.

  • our team: Alena Siwash
    Alena Siwash

    PhD, psychotherapist highest category

  • our team: Sergey Maleev
    Sergey Maleev


  • our team: Oxana Gerus
    Oxana Gerus


  • our team: Tetiana Prykhodko
    Tetiana Prykhodko

    Digital Marketing & PR Manager

    Digital Marketing & PR Manager

The best reproductive health doctors , professional interpreters and translators, comfortable environment, possibility to become parents without legal problems – all this at your service at Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

  • The Feskov Human Reproduction Group was founded.
  • Birth of the first child after PGD diagnosis with sex selection.
  • Our Center moved to a new building. We have created powerful genetic and two embryological laboratories.
  • Cooperation with intermediary agencies was terminated. Start of own surrogacy services.
  • A method of high resolution NGS (next generation sequencing) was introduced, which allows to detect small structural chromosomal abnormalities of the embryo and exclude the phenomenon of mosaicism at the stage of development of the embryo of 5-6 days of development.
  • The first pregnancy with the use of donor eggs and surrogate motherhood.
  • The service «Preservation of fertility in cancer patients» was introduced.
  • US Patent No. 61 / 629,651 entitled «Method of stabilized reproduction for treatment of reduced fertility women with irregularity of the immune reaction» was received.Artificial window of implantation.
  • Widely used are the newest PGD methods with DNA microarrays, a-CGH, Karyomapping, q- PCR to detect embryo karyotype anomalies even before it is implanted into the woman’s uterus. Start of Guaranteed IVF treatment.
  • Opening a branch in Kiev.
  • Certificate of quality ISO 9001
    Certificate of quality ISO 9001

    The level of services provided by our clinic meets the requirements of the international standard. This is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate issued in 2014 and renewed every year.

  • United States Patent
    United States Patent

    The clinic has a US patent on the invention in the field of treatment of infertility rights. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION:

    Method of stabilized reproduction for treatment of reduced fertility women with irregularity of the immune reaction.

    And also by the patent of Ukraine for invention. The essence of the invention: New perfect methods of infertility treatment of various origin are presented.

  • Certificat UEMS
    Certificat UEMS

    European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Cartificate ALPHA 2014 - 10th Blenial Conference. Olena Somova from limited liability company “Sana-Med” Has been accredited  in Antalya Turkey.

  • License

    Center for Human Reproduction Clinic of Professor Feskova A. M. provides medical services in accordance with the license of Ministry of Health of Ukraine AE №282411 of 13.02.2014. In its work the clinic is guided by the legislation of Ukraine, the current orders and industry standards of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the standards of the European Association of Reproductive Medicine (ESHRE). The clinic is certified according to the ISO9001 system and accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

  • Laureate Diploma
    Laureate Diploma

    Kharkiv Regional State Administration presents this Certificate of Recognition to Alexander Feskov, Director of “Center of Professor A.M.Feskov” for many years diligent work, consummate professionalism, noticeable personal contribution to health protection and reproductive medicine, social activism and more.

  • Certificat ESHRE'15
    Certificat ESHRE'15

    31th Annual meeting of ESHRE in Lisbon Portugal - 14-17 June  2017. Olena Somova from limited liability company "Sana-Med" has been awarded.


  • Certificate of Recognition
    Certificate of Recognition

    Laureate Diploma of Regional quality contest  “The best product of Kharkiv region”  awarded to limited liability company “Sana-Med” in nomination of works or services that are performed in domestic or industrial spheres Medical treatment, Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

  • Certificate of Attendance
    Certificate of Attendance

    The First IVF WorldWide Online Congress in Reproductive Medicine. - 25 April 2020. Oleksandr Feskov from Feskov Human Reproduction Group has been awarded by Certificate of Attendance.


  • We visited an exhibition in Berlin
    We visited an exhibition in Berlin

    The Feskov Human Reproduction Group team visited the Kinderwunsch Tage exhibition, which was held on March 7 and 8 in Berlin. This exhibition was dedicated to surrogacy, IVF and all kinds of solutions to the reproductive problems of men and women of any complexity.

    Our team presented its stand at which exhibition guests were able to get acquainted with us and our services. They could also personally talk to the Chief of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group Vladislav Feskov and the Team leader of the egg donation department Daria Feskov. Vladislav Feskov successfully made a presentation on topic “The medical and legal basis of human genomics in modern surrogate motherhood programs” and gladly answered all the questions of the Kinderwunsch Tage guests.

    During these 2 busy days, we met great couples and our coordinators, Irina and Inessa, held consultations about the services of the Feskov Human Reproduction Group.

    We invite all couples to a personal consultation with the managers, this will be possible in Paris, Sept 5 and 6, 2020. We are ready to answer your questions, give recommendations and dispel doubts regarding surrogacy.

  • Alpha 2016 – Conference in Copenhagen
    Alpha 2016 – Conference in Copenhagen

    May 5-8, 2016 in Copenhagen, the annual Alpha conference was held. It traditionally gathered the world's best specialists in the field of embryology and genetics.

    From the Feskov human reproduction group, the embryologist-geneticist, Evgenia Stanislavovna Zhilkova, the head of the genetics laboratory, took part in the conference. She told about our achievements in embryo biopsy and about biopsy technique. In Europe, embryo biopsy is prohibited, and similar techniques are not applied. We do embryo biopsy within the limits of some reproductive programs; it is performed at a high level which is provided due to good applied base.

    European colleagues appreciated our achievements in the field of embryology, and everyone gave standing ovation for our program on gender choice, about which Evgenia Zhilkova told.

    The conference allowed us to share our experience with colleagues, brought new contacts and opportunities for cooperation.

  • Embryology Conference in Kiev
    Embryology Conference in Kiev

    April 7, 2017 in Kiev the 9th scientific-practical conference of Ukrainian Club of Embryologists (UCE) together with international participation of “CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY IN UKRAINE – WAYS OF OVERCOMING THE OBSTACLES” was held. The specialists of Feskov human reproduction group took active part in the event.

    The ways of improving effectiveness of the IVF laboratory work, improving results monitoring as well as the conditions of embryo cultivation were discussed during the conference.

    The international experience on development of competence and certification of clinical embryologists were discussed, the expediency principle in IVF laboratory design and more were reviewed.

    In Feskov human reproduction group a wide range of reproductive technologies such as IVF, egg donation, surrogacy are used and thus embryology issues are of primary importance. Staff members of Feskov human reproduction group participated in the interactive session which took place in the context of the conference and were giving their presentations.

    The conference resulted in interesting cooperation with colleagues and obtaining new contacts as well as contributed to exchange of experience and raising public awareness in respect of the clinic work.

  • ESHRE 2017 in Geneva (Switzerland)
    ESHRE 2017 in Geneva (Switzerland)

    July 2-5, 2017 the International Congress ESНRE 2017 was held in which collaborators of Feskov human reproduction group participated.

    The leading IVF specialists and embryologists from Europe gathered to discuss new scientific elaborations in the field of reproductive medicine.

    On that occasion new strategies in the area of reproductive technologies were discussed, in particular that concerns individual approach to ovarian stimulation, determining the dose of FSH and LH, peculiarities in preparation of endometrium and embryos for implantation.

    Special attention was drawn to the discussion of new environments for cultivating embryos, application of embryonic stem cells for improving the quality of gametes and embryos as well as to specificities of cultivating embryos in low (5-2%) oxygen conditions. The method of pre-implantation diagnosis of embryos and the possibility of joint application of time-lapse monitoring technology and PGD were discussed. Likewise, there were other presentations devoted to reproductive medicine and embryology.

    Staff members of Feskov human reproduction group, Somova Е.V., Feskov V.А., Zhilkova Е.S., Tischenko А.А. and Feskov А.М., also presented their report: “The choice of the best embryo originating from spermatozoa of men with severe male factor infertility: morphokinetics and next-generation sequencing (NGS) results”.

    Feskov human reproduction group applies various reproduction technologies including IVF, donation of oocytes and surrogacy. Attending the congress helped to popularize our experience in infertility treatment and acquire new information from the representatives of the leading European reproduction clinics.

  • ESHRE 2016 in Helsinki
    ESHRE 2016 in Helsinki

    July 3-6, 2016 The 32d Annual Meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology was held in which the leading specialists of Feskov human reproduction group participated.

    European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology aims to develop reproductive biology and medicine, strengthen academic research in the field of human reproduction and embryology and popularize the results among the general public. During 4 full days experience was shared, the latest scientific researches in the field of human reproduction were discussed, new contacts were established.

    An embryologist from the Feskov human reproduction group, Aleksey Tischenko, a specialist in cryopreservation of biological objects, vitrification of eggs and embryos presented his report. The report was devoted to the results of monitoring embryos and the results of the reproductive technology programs.

    The Meeting of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology was productive and contributed to exchange of scientific information. We successfully asserted ourselves and once again our activity was recognized at the international level.

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