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KYC before starting the surrogacy program

  1. 🩺 Why do we apply this approach in reproductive medicine?

It is important to note that we take the confidentiality and protection of your personal data obtained for further participation in the surrogacy program very seriously, which excludes any unauthorized access to information about our clients.

Why do we apply this approach in reproductive medicine?

Our mission is to give birth to a new life and give you the happiness of parenthood! We believe in the integrity of our clients! But given the difficulties in communication since the beginning of 2022, as well as the forced need to carry out most of the actions of the surrogacy program remotely, we must take into account all possible nuances and risks in order to rationally use the possibilities of our service packages, balancing with respect for your right to become parents, and also with full responsibility for the birth of the future child.

Thank you for understanding that the use of the KYC approach in the Feskov HRG clinic is a guarantee of the safety of the service and the basis of our many years of successful work in the field of reproductive treatment.

Every child born with Feskov HRG deserves a happy childhood, love and security that he will receive in your family!

We are grateful to the families who trust us with the most intimate and walk the way to the long-awaited parenthood with us. We make your dreams come true by applying the highest service, technology and experience in reproductive medicine for more than 25 years.



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