Which IVF Clinic to Choose?

boast of high success rates. How not to be mistaken and which IVF clinic to choose? We have selected for you several tips on which clinic for IVF to use.

  1. Research List and Customer Review

    Before deciding on the IVF clinic, do research and try to find customer reviews that would prove professionalism and quality assistance provided in the medical setting. Without having feedback from real customers, it is impossible to understand whether the clinic is a good/ bad one.

  2. Level of Doctors

    Still do not know which IVF clinic to choose? Read biographies of the doctors working there. Where did the leading specialists study and work? What specialization do they have? Do they have any scientific degrees? This information will help you understand the proficiency level of the clinic.

  3. Equipment

    Half of the success of the IVF treatment depends on the quality of the laboratory equipment used in the procedure. Sex cells and embryos are very sensitive. The slightest admixtures or germs can be fatal. Therefore, in the professional laboratories, there are high-precision air filters that purify the air under pressure.

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  4. Efficiency or Statistics

    When selecting a medical center, check which of IVF clinics have the best results. In different clinics, success rates are different; they may vary from 30 to 60%. However, you should not believe the first figure found online – it can be fake. But even if these figures are true, doctors could go to certain tricks to reach them. For example, if doctors work with the easiest cases of infertility, they can reach high chances of pregnancy. So the success rate will be high. This means that such clinics will be hardly able to help patients with difficult diagnoses.

    There is another variant of cheating on statistics. To increase the success rates, doctors transfer several embryos, which often leads to multiple pregnancies. To date, no more than two embryos are allowed to be implanted at a time. However, it is still recommended that one embryo is transferred into the uterus. Monotocous pregnancy is less risky for the baby and the mother.

  5. Cost

    Modern reproductive technologies are very complex and expensive today. This is an objective reality, and there is nothing to do about that. You need to pay for everything, starting from drugs and tools for sex cells extraction to all the medical tests you need to undergo before the procedure. Therefore, it is impossible to make this treatment cheap. Of course, no one wants to overpay; it is always better to save money. However, when selecting a clinic, make sure that its offered price is not lower the comparative costs. Otherwise, it should be a close call to you.

  6. License

    It is extremely important to check whether the clinic has obtained a license, all necessary certificates and permission documentation. First of all, the clinic must have a license that authorizes its functioning. Also, pay attention to the certificates obtained both by a clinic and a doctor. The absence of the documentation means that there is something wrong with the medical center and it is better not to deal with it.

  7. Guarantees

    Some clinics provide guarantees to their customers, but it is not a general rule for all medical centers. If the institution promises to return the money to the patient in case of failure, it is a good sign. The clinic most probably has high success rates.

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