IVF + egg donation

IVF + egg donation (Standard mini)
2 500€

IVF with donor egg’s + embryo transfer

  • Ovarian stimulation of egg donor, donor’s eggs fertilization
  • Egg donor provided by clinic
  • Transfer of embryo (s) to uterus;
    embryos selected by morphological conditions only!
Single payment
Total amount of package: 2 500 €
Additional payments:
  1. Cryopreservation of semen + 1 year of storage 165 €
  2. Medical examination of couple (male and female is paid separately  according to indications of medical doctor)
  3. Examination of genetic material of spermatozoa (FISH test for 13, 16, 18, 21, X, Y  chromosomes, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test is paid additionally – 615 € according to indication of doctor; karyotyping of peripheral blood lymphocytes (chromosome set of 1 person) G, C banding - 65 €;                                                                                                                                                                
  4. Accommodation costs depend on request of Genetic Parents: VIP room of in clinic 30 EURO/day, food 20 EURO per day for 1 person; Hotel (depends of class) costs 50 — 200 EURO per day (with or without) breakfast; personal drier — 50 EURO per day; transfer to airport and to clinic — free; on web-site indicated range of prices for customers with  minimal requirements!
  5. PICSI+IMSI (selection of quality spermatozoas for eggs fertilisation by ICSI) - 565 €; in case of severe pathology of spermatozoas price is subject for change;
  6. TimeLapse – selection of embryo for morphokinetics parameters of cleavage – 75 €; depended on embryos quantity;
  7. Embryo transfer after cryopreservation – 800 €;
  8. Application of PBMC to uterus (“artificial implantation window) – 260 €; waiting list for PBMC procedure;
  9. Medications for endometrium preparation are prescribed by doctor, paid additionally (average amount 300 €);
  10. New attempt of embryos transfer is paid additionally without negotiations of amount; without opportunity conversion to other package;

Preimplantation genetic diagnostics in order to select healthy emvryo / sex selection / gender determination not included, can not be paid additionally.

Process list:

  1. Primary examination: arrival to Ukraine on 18-22 cycle day for 7 days
  2. Arrival for 2 days to synchronize cycle with egg donor
  3. Arrival for 14 days on period oof embryo transfer