IVF Questions to Ask

Are you planning to undergo an IVF procedure to have your own children? If you do, then it is necessary to approach the process with all the responsibility, and don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions. Eventually, it is your earned money that you are going to pay, and the life and health of your future child that you are expecting to have. Examining and answering such ivf questions will enable you to make better mental, lifestyle, and financial preparations. In the following sections of our post, we discuss some of these questions and what you can actually expect from the procedure.

How many eggs do I hope to retrieve?

Before undergoing this procedure, consider the number of eggs you expect to retrieve. This question is important because more eggs increase your prospects of conceiving. However, you don’t need to worry about producing dozens of eggs. You only need to discuss with your doctor the medications needed to be used to produce the amount of eggs enough for the successful procedure.

How much will it cost?

Since IVF is not a charity donation from The Red Cross, you should approach it with figures in mind. It is important to consider the cost of the procedure as one of the leading ivf questions to ask before undergoing it. So, settle this question because all the other questions will not benefit you if you suddenly lack means to undergo IVF. On average, a good quality procedure costs between $8,000 and $10,000. It is also important to be wary of unnecessarily overpriced services, since some of them are mere marketing gimmicks. Inversely, avoid cheap ones because many of them have compromised quality.

How many embryos do I want?

When considering in vitro fertilization questions to ask before undergoing the procedure, it is prudent to think about this. You need to determine a given number of embryos you want to be implanted in your womb. This question is critical since the more embryos you get, the higher the chances of getting multiple births. If you are looking for multiples, then more is better. However, it is needful to discuss these things with your doctor to get what fits your family needs best.

How will IVF drugs affect me?

All medical processes, especially surgical ones, have effects and side effects. Therefore, this question should be included in your list. It is necessary to consider the emotional and physical effects IVF will have on your life. Also, take time and discuss all these matters with your doctor. For instance, an average IVF will include side effects such as mood changes, nausea, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.


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What is the success rate?

After doing everything, you wouldn’t like to go home empty-handed, that is, without an expected baby. Therefore, consider the success rate of the procedure because if you can’t conceive, all the efforts, the expenses, and your hopes and expectations are vain. You have to ask the clinic about their success rate among women within your age group and with the same infertility challenges.

What challenges do you foresee me facing?

Before proceeding, you have to ask your doctor about the potential challenges you could face based on your own medical history. There are always certain health factors that may influence the process or result in every particular case.

Who will you be working with?

It is also important to ask about the person you will work with. You have to be sure whether it will be a doctor or nurse. This way, you will be better placed to meet the person and build effective communication with them as you go through the process together.

What adjustments should I make to boost my chances of conception?

Lastly, it is also necessary to ask about any crucial lifestyle adjustment you will need to make to boost your chances of conception. For instance, the doctor may advise you to change your eating habits, reduce stress, increase physical activity, stop smoking, and quit alcohol.

You are now abreast with the fundamental in vitro fertilization questions and answers. With these in vitro fertilization answers to crucial questions at your fingertips, you will face the process from an informed and empowered position. in case you feel that answers you get do not satisfy you, you will be able to quit the unpromising clinic and find a better place.

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