IVF + ED Healthy embryo selection PGD standard

IVF + ED Healthy embryo selection PGD standard (with photo of egg donor)
9 155€

First payment — analytical step

  • Examination of couple before IVF (Consultation of reproductive endocrinologist, Standard set of analysis)
  • Egg donor selection and preparation (by photo)
1760 €

Second payment — pregnancy achieving
  • Ovarian stimulation of egg donor, IVF+ICSI program + medications for ovarian stimulation (recombinant gonadotropins);
  • TimeLapse (monitoring of embryos cleavage, selection of high quality embryos for PGD);
  • Embryos biopsy + DNA-extraction + cryopreservation + PGD (NGS);
  • Next Generation Sequencing: whole genome screening, detection of chromosome set of embryos + sex selection up to 6 embryos
  • Transfer of healthy embryo (s) after cryopreservation to uterus + application of PBMC
7395 €

Total amount of package:  9155 €
Additional payments:

1. Cryopreservation of semen + 1 year of storage 165 €

2. Examination of genetic material of spermatozoa (FISH test for 13, 16, 18, 21, X, Y chromosomes, DNA-fragmentation, HBA-test is paid additionally – 615 € according to indication of doctor; karyotyping of peripheral blood lymphocytes (chromosome set of 1 person) G, C banding - 65 €;

3.Accommodation costs depend on request of Genetic Parents: VIP room of in clinic 30 EURO/day, food 20 EURO per day for 1 person; Hotel (depends of class) costs 50 — 200 EURO per day (with or without) breakfast; personal drier — 50 EURO per day; transfer to airport and to clinic — free;

4. PICSI+IMSI (selection of quality spermatozoas for eggs fertilisation by ICSI) - 565 €;

5. Medications for endometrium preparation are prescribed by doctor, paid additionally (average amount 300 €);

In case of conversion to VIP Guarantee package after primary medical evaluation - all payments are refund to Genetic Parents.