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VIP Guarantee Birth in Argentina

Guaranteed program with unlimited quantity of IVF. The package includes birth of child in Argentina with completed legal solution adopted for international legacy 90 000€
  • 1

    Brilliant legal solution adopted for international legacy

  • 10

    All types of familial status

  • 9

    Remote program processing 

  • 11

    Completed comprehensive legal support

  • 12

    Argentine citizenship obtaining

  • 13

    Stress-free comfortably arranged logistics

Analytical step
  • Examination of the male partner before IVF
  • Andrological examination: FISH, DNA fragmentation, HBA test
  • Semen cryopreservation + storage until the birth of the baby
  • Selection and preparation of egg donor(s)
  • Accommodation in the VIP room of the clinic / VIP hotel, food
Selection of a healthy embryo + embryo transfer(s)
  • Unlimited number of IVF programs with egg donation
  • IVF+ICSI programs + embryos cryopreservation
  • PICSI,IMSI (special methods for spermatozoa selection)
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnostics full genome screening by NGS
  • Selection of surrogate mother(s), preparation for embryo transfer
  • Unlimited quantity of embryo transfers only healthy embryos
Medical monitoring of pregnancy + delivery in Argentina
  • Pregnancy management of surrogate mother (standard medical care).
  • Pregnancy care in Ukraine until the 6th – 8th month.
  • Insurance for surrogate mother (on 12th weeks of pregnancy)
  • Pregnancy care after 6-8th month and delivery in Argentina
  • Full compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy
  • Providing new IVF+PGD (NGS) program with surrogate mother services and egg donation in case of pregnancy termination in all terms
Documents registration
  • Legal support (registration a birth certificate for newborn child)
  • Guest services, translation, transportation
Total amount:
90 000€
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  • 01

    Final decision for acceptance of man to program is made by IVF doctor of CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov»; male Customers with high-quality of sperm only.

  • 02

    Medical examinations must be performed in CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» only

  • 03

    Payments according to individual schedule. No additional payments

  • 04

    According to conditions of package, CHR «Clinic of prof. Feskov» provides service of guarantee live birth of healthy child; in cases of miscarriage independently on term of pregnancy / child death before delivery / child death during delivery, whole program will be done until Customer will have baby.
    Management of multiple pregnancy (twins, obtained after transfer of 1 embryo) is covered by the contract conditions.

  • 01

    No later than 7 banking days from the moment of signing the present Contract

    15 000€
  • 02

    Within 7 banking days before the start of IVF program

    35 000€
  • 03

    On 12th week of pregnancy (embryo term)

    25 000€
  • 04

    On 32th week of pregnancy (embryo term)

    15 000€
Total amount:
90 000€

Surrogacy in Argentina - the ideal solution?

In search of the best place to give birth to their child, Europeans diagnosed with infertility are trying to strike a balance between the cost of reproductive services, medical guarantees and legal security. The main requirements of parents are a high level of medicine and a reliable well-established procedure for legalizing a child. The journey to parenthood can be filled with unforeseen challenges, but for those facing fertility struggles, surrogacy in Argentina has emerged as a promising path to realize the dream of having a child. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of surrogacy in Argentina, from its legality to the associated costs and the role of IVF.

Surrogacy in Argentina is one of the most balanced options, along with surrogacy in Mexico or Colombia. Along with Canada and the US, where surrogacy is legal for single people, Argentina has recently also allowed assisted reproductive services for intended parents. This unique, relatively new surrogacy destination has appeared recently, but is already gaining popularity. From the point of view of legality, this is an analogue of childbirth in the United States, only at a much more cheaper price. Due to its novelty and attractive conditions, this destination is treated with great interest, it causes much less alertness than childbirth in Ukraine. Other obvious advantages of this direction are:

  • Surrogacy is allowed for everyone;
  • Simplified legalization of newborns;
  • Obtaining Argentinian citizenship.

Gestational surrogacy in Argentina is the prevalent form of surrogacy. It is characterized by the surrogate mother carrying a child to term without any genetic connection to the baby. Instead, the embryo is created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using either the genetic material of the intended parents or donors. This method ensures that the child is biologically related to the parents. In vitro fertilization (IVF) plays a pivotal role in the surrogacy process in Argentina. IVF involves fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the body and transferring the resulting embryo to the surrogate mother's uterus. IVF has a high success rate and has enabled countless intended parents to experience the joys of parenthood.

All of the above gives the impression that childbirth in Argentina is a simple and profitable way to parental happiness. Let us take a closer look at whether this is actually the case.

Surrogacy in Argentina: process details

One of the foremost questions individuals have is whether surrogacy is legal in Argentina. The answer is a resounding yes. Argentina's legal framework recognizes surrogacy as a valid assisted reproduction method, granting it the status it deserves. This legality provides a secure foundation for both intended parents and surrogate mothers. In accordance with Article 19 of the National Constitution of Argentina, surrogacy is allowed in this country, since there is no direct legislative prohibition of this practice. All that is needed is a voluntary, written agreement between the intended parents and the woman who has agreed to carry a child for them.

The legislation of the country does not allow any discrimination: local residents, foreigners, married and partnered couples, as well as single people and same-sex couples have the right to become parents with the help of surrogacy in Argentina.

You can invite a local citizen to be a surrogate mother in Argentina or involve a relative or family friend for this role. If your surrogate mother is a citizen of Argentina or any other country, the following requirements apply to her:

  1. The absence of a genetic connection with the child (that is, a surrogate mother cannot be an egg donor at the same time).
  2. Full physical and psychological health, confirmed by doctors.
  3. Registration in the National Register of Surrogate Mothers.
  4. Having at least one child of her own.
  5. Participation in surrogacy programs no more than two times.
  6. Age up to 40 years.

A common practice in Buenos Aires is to register a child without a prior court order, in accordance with Regulation No. 122/DGRC/20. This gives some guarantees of confirmation of parental rights before the final court decision, because initially the surrogate mother will be entered in the birth certificate. The entire legalization process, including the granting of Argentine citizenship to the child and the issuance of travel documents, takes several months.

However, in reality, everything is not so simple. If Argentinian clinics are engaged in the selection of a surrogate mother, then a citizen of another country may be invited to simplify the procedure. The rights of a woman who has given birth to a child are in the jurisdiction of her country, which may recognize her as the legal parent.

surrogacy Argentina

A controversial situation is also developing with Argentinian egg donors: their phenotype can be very different from the phenotype of the intended mother. And another weak point of surrogacy Argentina is lack of guarantees for the birth of a child.

That is, having paid about $ 90,000 for a standard package of services, risking getting an egg donor who is not like you and entrusting the bearing of your child to a woman from a third country - you can be left with nothing due to unsuccessful IVF or an interrupted pregnancy. Is there a way to avoid this? Of course!

Childbirth in Argentina: international guaranteed programs

People with a diagnosis of infertility who dream of having a child in Argentina have the opportunity to become parents of a healthy child and control all stages of the reproductive program. To do this, it is enough to take part in the international guaranteed program with  childbirth in Argentina where the medical part (embryo creation, IVF, pregnancy monitoring) will be carried out in another country. The Role of Surrogate Pregnancy in Argentina is critical. Surrogate mothers in Argentina undergo rigorous medical and psychological evaluations to ensure their suitability for the role. Throughout the pregnancy, they receive comprehensive medical care and support, safeguarding the well-being of both the surrogate and the unborn child. This meticulous approach ensures a safe and nurturing environment for the baby's development. While many may assume that surrogacy comes with an exorbitant price tag, Argentina offers a more affordable option compared to several Western countries. The Argentina surrogacy cost is influenced by several factors, including medical expenses, legal fees, and surrogate compensation. Generally, the overall cost is considerably lower than in many other nations, making it an attractive choice for international intended parents. For those considering surrogacy in Argentina, selecting the right clinic is paramount. The Feskov Human Reproduction Group clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in this regard. With a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated specialists, the clinic provides comprehensive support at every stage of the surrogacy journey.

For example, the Feskov Human Reproduction Group package programs make it possible to choose an attractive oocyte donor phenotypically similar to the future mother, as well as an experienced surrogate mother with a high sanitary culture from the clinic's large own base.

At the same time, for the medical part of the program, expectant parents do not even have to come to Ukraine: examination and treatment, as well as the selection of genetic material can be carried out in their home country, and the clinic team will organize its transportation to Ukraine. IVF and pregnancy monitoring will also be carried out there, and the birth will take place in Argentina, which automatically allows the child to receive Argentinian citizenship.

Working with Feskov Human Reproduction Group means two more great bonuses:

  1. Guaranteed birth of a healthy baby at a fixed price: in case of IVF failures or termination of pregnancy, the clinic will repeat the program at its own expense until your baby is born.
  2. Legalization of a newborn under a simplified procedure: the birth certificate will initially list the biological parents, the child will receive an Argentinian identity card (ID card) and an express passport to travel abroad within two months after birth.
  3. The documents received by the child are recognized all over the world.

Thus, an international program at a comparable price makes it possible to become parents of a small citizen of Argentina faster and more predictably. It is an affordable and win-win option for single people dreaming of a child: legal, fast, stress-free and at the right price. In conclusion, surrogacy in Argentina represents an inspiring opportunity for individuals and couples seeking to overcome fertility challenges. With its legal recognition, affordability, and advanced medical techniques like IVF, Argentina stands out as a desirable destination for surrogacy. Embrace the possibility of parenthood through surrogacy in Argentina and let the Feskov Human Reproduction Group clinic guide you every step of the way. Your dream of becoming a parent is closer than you think.

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