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About changes in surrogate motherhood in Ukraine:

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Currently in Ukraine:

The activities of official surrogate motherhood clinics are approved and welcomed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We are such a clinic.

Our prof. Feskov A.M. clinic has the highest reliability and enjoys trust precisely among foreign citizens.
All children born as a result of surrogate motherhood programs went home with their genetic parents without hindrance.

The standard practice of leaving Ukraine with a baby is to visit the consulate to obtain a travel document or passport. In addition to the standard practice of leaving Ukraine, we successfully carry out repeatedly tested methods:

If you have any questions about participating in surrogate motherhood programs, you can ask your questions to our lawyers, in the contact form, or by contacting directly.

Disadvantages of in Vitro Fertilization

Extracorporeal fertilization (in vitro fertilization) is a common variant of assisted reproductive technologies. The treatment allows couples having difficulties with the conception to have a native child. The difference between the IVF and other methods of artificial insemination is that the ootid with the spermatozoon it transferred outside the human body; the process of ovum fertilization is carried out in the laboratory. Only after being impregnated, it is placed in the uterus of the future mother for gestation. Although in vitro fertilization deals with a problem of infertility, it has some disadvantages you should be aware of.

What Are the Disadvantages of in Vitro Fertilization?

  1. Multifetal Pregnancy

    Resorting to IVF, a couple has a chance to give birth to twins or triplets. This is due to the fact that initially several embryos are transferred to the uterus. Of course, having two or three children will be a great joy for the fertility-challenged couple. However, there are disadvantages to in vitro fertilization as well since multifetal pregnancy can be accompanied by complications and miscarriages.

  2. Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

    In vitro fertilization involves the intake of special stimulant medications. The drugs reduce the risks that the female body will reject the fertilized ovum. At the same time, they can cause ovarian hyperstimulation, leading to the development of oncological pathologies or ectopic pregnancy after the embryo has been fixed in the tubes. One can recognize the syndrome when dealing with the following symptoms:

    • abdominal pain;
    • nausea;
    • fatigue;
    • flatulence.
  3. Increased Ovarian Activity and Bleeding

    After the ovulation stimulation, the ovaries get bigger. Under such conditions, they are too active and can defect each other. This causes problems with the blood flow in twisted ovaries, leading to their death. After IVF, there may occur another dangerous complication – bleeding from the ovarian cyst. This pathological process is characterized by the following symptoms: nausea, fever, fatigue, and pain in the abdomen. The two complications are not amenable to conservative therapy and can be treated with laparoscopy only.


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  4. Cancer Development

    Wondering what are disadvantages of in vitro fertilization and if cancer can be one of them? A lot of research has been done on the matter; the experiments have established a link between IVF and oncology. Although a relationship between IVF and breast cancer has been found, researchers are not yet sure that it is hormonal medicines what leads to the development of cancer.

  5. Problems of Psychological Nature

    If people decide to resort to IVF, then they need to understand that the procedure requires decent cash investments. Of course, all couples hope that they will feel the happiness of being parents after the very first procedure. However, it often happens that the first IVF doesn’t bring the long-awaited pregnancy. As a result, people feel resentment, anger, and disappointment, which may cause psychological infertility.

Thanks to IVF, today many fertility-challenged couples can become parents. However, it is also important to take into account all the disadvantages associated with the in vitro fertilization before going through the procedure.

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