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The biggest Surrogacy News from 2020

  1. 🩺 IVF procedures are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic
  2. 🤰 Uncertainty and separation of members of surrogate families
  3. ⭐ Selflessness of surrogate mothers

IVF procedures are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic


In the spring of this year, infertility treatment and IVF procedures were temporarily suspended due to an exacerbation of the Corona virus outbreak. This was devastating news for intended parents and surrogate mothers who were about to take the next step on their journey.

But already in the fall, reproductive clinics and reproductive centers reopened, with additional measures to protect the health and safety of patients. Intended parents and gestational carriers were able to resume the process and move on.

Uncertainty and separation of members of surrogate families


One of the toughest times of the year is when prospective parents and surrogate mothers were unable to travel. With countries around the world imposing quarantines and travel bans within the country, surrogates and parents in the international process were separated.  

Domestic surrogacy participants have not suffered as much, but parents and surrogates in international programs are still grappling with COVID-related travel bans.

In many ways, 2020 marked the end of the international surrogate act. Although this type of process has always been more risky than domestic procedure, the tragic separation of parents and surrogates from different countries has forced the world to rethink the general rules of this path to fatherhood.

Selflessness of surrogate mothers


In these difficult times gestational carriers have proven once again that they are fearlessly compassionate and generous. Upset parents from other countries were unable to be present when their child was born. But many of the mothers boldly took on the task of caring for the intended parents' child until they were reunited. They have adapted to the challenges they face and have done above what was originally required of them.

As a result, parents from around the world have since been able to reunite with their babies with peace of mind, knowing that the child has received the care it needs in their absence.

International news about surrogacy


In addition to the global pandemic, 2020 was marked by many events in the field:

  1. The scandal around surrogate children in Ukraine made Italian and Spanish opponents of substitutionary motherhood more active. Despite the criticism of some public figures in Ukraine, surrogacy in the country is not in danger. However, a bill was passed, according to which, reproductive clinics are required to obtain a special license with annual payments of 2 million UAH. This guarantees protection against small agencies and organizations involved in fraud.
  2. Taking advantage of the pandemic, the US state of New York, in April 2020, secretly legalized commercial surrogacy. The bill will come into force on February 15, 2021.
  3. The German Federal Minister of Health has rejected the FDP's request to allow non-commercial surrogacy in the country. He was supported by various German and international organizations opposed to surrogacy at a conference in January 2020.
  4. In the UK, a pregnant woman who was not diagnosed with cancer on time sued the clinic to pay her a commercial surrogate mother in the United States. As compensation for medical error. The court granted her claim.
  5. Medical and public workers in Austria, Italy, Sweden advocate the abolition of surrogacy in poor countries, in particular in Ukraine.
  6. The Governor of Quebec received a request to abolish the practice in the province.
  7. In Cambodia, a law is being discussed to completely ban the practice as a form of human trafficking, like in Thailand.

However, in fact, this practice, on the contrary, is designed to save families that would fall apart due to the absence of children.

Feskov Human Reproductive Group continues its work


During this year, the Feskov Human Reproductive Group specialists continued to create happy families. They overcame the uncertainty of 2020 and skillfully guided prospective parents and gestational carriers through the hardships of the pandemic.

As the world moves towards 2021, Ukrainian surrogate legislation will remain a safe and supportive place for any family to grow.

Despite all the problems and uncertainties of the past year, Feskov Human Reproductive Group will continue to expand families through the gift of surrogacy in 2021.


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