The Kramskys family

We would like to express our gratitude to the center of the surrogate motherhood of Professor Feskov for the excellent organization of our entire stay in Ukraine. We are glad that we addressed to you and were not mistaken. Our happiness is boundless, because thanks to the joint work of the center of the Feskov clinic, we have a long-awaited little son. Many thanks to Dasha for timely informing about the progress of the program, Irina Mikhailovna for her professionalism, to Alexey for promptness in solving legal nuances. With best regards and best wishes, the Kramskys family.


Our experience with the Centre was very good, they gave us the most important thing in our lives. In the always belonged to our business very delicately. At first we were afraid, but once we saw the Centre, the clinic and the staff working there, we decided that they were a great team. Dr. Irina great professional who has taken our business from the very beginning and has been involved throughout the program.


We applied to the Center after trying various methods of treatment in other clinics and in other countries; The first impression is immediately positive. We found a friendly environment and a very professional and well-organized team. We started the program Surrogate mother and egg donation. Excellent organization allowed us to organize everything with a couple of trips to the clinic; When we found out that the pregnancy had come after the following months in constant contact by e-mail with our contact person. We could bring to our representative any questions we wanted and ask questions about the development of pregnancy, and when we wanted to get more detailed medical information we could ask a doctor who looked after us, and then a pregnancy, always had her by email. At birth and before the return we were taken by the hand of an interpreter who recommended us to the clinic and is always provided with a lawyer of the center. Today we have two twins, we can now say that we are very happy! We and our children thank all the wonderful professionals who have given us the opportunity to be a family !!

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