Guarantee ECONOM

Guarantee ECONOM
Jan 01, 2017

Archive package - is no longer available for participation. The end of the project took place in 2019

First payment — analytical step

  • Examination of couple before IVF
    (Consultation of reproductive endocrinologist, Standard set of analysis)
  • Sperm cryopreservation
2 500 €

Second payment — pregnancy achieving

  • Egg donors provided by clinic
  • Unlimited number of IVF+ICSI programs / donor’s oocytes providing
  • Unlimited number of embryo (s) transfers to uterus, up to pregnancy ongoing; new IVF free of charge in case of pregnancy termination before 5th weeks;
    embryos selected by only morphological conditions
  • Accommodation and food supplement services
6 500 €
Total amount of package: 9 000 €

1. Free of charge new IVF attempt in case of miscarriage up to 5th week of pregnancy

2. Additional payments: impossible

3. Additional services: unavailable

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