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Provision of a surrogate mother candidate

Providing of surrogate mother candidature for IVF with couple's embryos Included

Packet include:

  • Provision of a surrogate mother candidate from the Surrogacy Center database.
  • Psychological diagnostics of a potential surrogate mother for her psychological fitness and readiness to participate in the surrogacy program.
  • Comprehensive medical examination of a potential surrogate mother to confirm her fitness for extracorporeal fertilization, pregnancy, and birth of a healthy child.
  • Laboratory control of harmful habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs).
  • The primary legal advice, preparation of the contract between the genetic parents and surrogate mother with consideration of all possible aspects of individual situation of customers and introduction of the necessary clauses in the contract “On childbearing”.
  • Recommendations on choosing a center for reproductive medicine and other required medical institutions.
  • Coordination and control of the program before the conclusion of a contract between genetic parents and the surrogate mother.

The cost of medical services is paid additionally.

Total amount:
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