Transportation of cryopreserved eggs

Logistics services for transportation of cryopreserved eggs
1 350€

Provision and transportation of cryopreserved eggs package includes:

  • Familiarization with the data of the particular egg donor and the provision of 3 ready-to-fertilization cryopreserved eggs for the IVF program.

It is cheaper than the services of individual donors, because it saves time to prepare the program for its implementation and makes it possible to carry out the program anywhere in the world with further fertilization of the given eggs by the sperm of the spouse and further transfer of embryos in the uterine cavity of the genetic mother or into the uterine cavity of the surrogate mother.

Transportation of cryopreserved genetic material to Ukraine package

 Region name 




Western Europe 

1,500–2,800 EURO


 from 2,500 EURO 

The Middle East

 from 1,500 EURO


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