Take home baby. 
«Guarantee low-cost». IVF program + surrogate mother + egg donation

Price (EUR)

First payment — analytical step
Examination of man / couple before IVF (Consultation of reproductive endocrinologist, Standard set of analysis)
Providing of surrogate mother from clinic database
Providing of egg donor from clinic database
Cryopreservation of semen
Living during visit to clinic, translation and transportation services
2000 €
Second payment — pregnancy achieving
Unlimited number of ovarian stimulations, IVF + ICSI program + medications for ovarian stimulation+ embryos cryopreservation
Unlimited number embryo transfers to uterus of  surrogate mother
8000 €
Third payment — pregnancy care and delivery of surrogate mother (paid on 6th week of pregnancy)
Pregnancy management 
Compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy
6500 €
Fourth payment — documents registration (after delivery)
Third part of compensation for surrogate mother services, including payments during the pregnancy 
Legal support (registration of documents for newborn child) 
9000 €

Total amount of package:


Additional payments:

1. According to condition for ECONOM package additional payments for medical services, translation, transportation, logistical services are impossible.

2. In case of pregnancy termination after 10 weeks compensation in amount of 3000 € is paid to surrogate mother.

3. Conversion to other packages which offer Human reproduction center “Clinic of prof. Feskov” is impossible.

4. Conditions for providing medical services defines doctor of  Human reproduction center “Clinic of prof. Feskov” after primary medical examination.

5. Twins pregnancy additional 2000 € compensation for surrogate mother, 1500 € twins pregnancy care.