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What are «Feskov Clinic» Fertility Donor Programs?

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No one knows why some couples easily have children, while for others it is an unattainable dream. If earlier there were two ways to resolve the issue of infertility: to reconcile and live together, or adoption, now there is a third way out. Medical innovations and reproductive science, scientific progress make it possible for even desperate people to leave their continuation on the Earth.

Specialists at Feskov Human Reproduction Group, for more than 25 years have been making childless people happy with guaranteed IVF, surrogacy programs, oocyte and sperm donation, embryo adoption. Let's take a closer look at donor programs designed for people who cannot use their own germ cells to conceive.

Sperm donation


Sperm donation is indicated in cases where a man is infertile in a couple, that is, it is impossible to take spermatozoa for fertilization of an egg. Or when a single woman wants to give birth to a baby for herself.

Our Clinic has an extensive database of donors of all kinds of phenotypes, which are carefully checked. It is enough to choose:

  1. A questionnaire with a photo and all comprehensive information about the person, including education, hobbies, individual characteristics.
  2. Personal communication, through remote means of communication, in full confidentiality.

You can entrust such an important choice to a special computer program, where the parents' data are entered, and the technician selects the most suitable options.

Most often, sperm donors are anonymous. This means that they do not leave contact information for communication. But in our database there are also open candidates with whom you can contact.

Requirements for men donating their genetic material for the benefit of other people:

  • age range 20-35 years old;
  • the presence of healthy children;
  • good physical and mental health;
  • who have undergone full medical diagnostics.

Men who meet all these criteria are subjected to a full examination, with blood tests for viruses and infections. If all tests and studies are normal, the sperm is cryopreserved for 6 months. Since during this period, hidden diseases may come to light. Only after re-checking six months later, it is used for its intended purpose.

Oocyte donation


In the case when the expectant mother has ovarian pathologies, it is impossible to take healthy eggs from her for fertilization with the father's genetic material. Then the concept of using a donor oocyte is an absolute must for the couple.

Feskov Human Reproduction Group has a constantly growing database of oocyte donors, among which every family will find a suitable candidate. Our donors are not only white, Asian and African American phenotypes are also present.

The advantage of some of our guaranteed packages is the possibility of personal acquaintance with the candidate. And if, on the agenda there is a problem with bearing, then VIP surrogate mother services with experience and recommendations, will help you overcome difficulties and to become real parents in a guaranteed way.

The basic requirements for women donating their eggs are the same as for male donors: youth, health, having children. Nice appearance, higher education, talents and abilities come as a bonus.

How applicants are examined:

  • a complete medical examination, testing, screening (ultrasound, blood tests for hormones, infections, viruses, HIV, hepatitis, etc.);
  • every month compulsory tests for taking drugs, smoking, precursors;
  • genetic screenings for common hereditary diseases (about 100) or for all chromosomal pathologies known in medicine (about 300).

            In addition, the staff of the Clinic takes into account the place of residence of future parents, and also constantly keeps donors in sight and keeps track of the number of babies born from them. This is necessary to minimize the risk of closely related marriages between them.

Embryo adoption


For couples in which both partners have reproductive problems, it is appropriate to offer the service “embryo adoption”. In the cryobank of the Clinic, cryo-frozen, healthy embryos without genetic pathologies are stroed, left over from IVF procedures of other people. The embryo that is most suitable phenotypically is selected, thawed and transplanted to the future or surrogate mother for gestation and delivery.

This option allows you to significantly save both financial and time resources. Since most of the complex, costly reproductive manipulations have already been performed by specialists, including IVF itself. It remains only to transfer the embryo to the recipient and enjoy the occurrence of pregnancy.

Some parents are worried about whether donors will be eligible for their baby. Of course not. All legal rights will only be with the intended parents, which is confirmed by the relevant documents. Donor candidates also sign papers stating that they do not have any legal rights to the newborn.

Professional team of Feskov Human Reproduction Group effectively and comfortably uses all the opportunities to give families meaning and joy of life!



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