Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers


Surrogate mothers

Find Surrogate Mother – All Information You Need to Know

Surrogate motherhood is a method of treating infertility with a child being conceived with the help of the genetic material of the couple and carried by a surrogate mother. In this case, the sex cells of the intended parents are mixed in the laboratory, with the embryo being afterwards transported into the uterus of a surrogate mother.

Having decided to resort to the services of a surrogate mother, couples need to take the task of seeking for potential moms seriously. It is a surrogate mother who has a direct physical/ emotional connection with the child before him being born. Therefore, her health, as well as physical and emotional condition, are of great importance.

Who Needs the Services of Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate motherhood is recommended for women who cannot conceive or bear the child on their own. There may be different reasons causing the condition of infertility in people. These include serious injuries of the uterus, surgical interventions, congenital pathologies, menopause, etc. For such women, the only way to have a genetically native child is to use the services of a surrogate mother, who performs the role of a kind of “incubator;” she must carry and give birth to the child, and then transfer the newborn to his biological parents.

Where Can You Find a Surrogate Mother?

If you are looking for a surrogate mother on your own, and do not know where to search for good profiles, we strongly recommend you consider using the services of professionals. Thus, you will avoid being cheated by scammers and will save a lot of time, efforts, and financial resources. As a general rule, centers of reproductive medicine have an extended database of women who can become surrogate mothers. Our clinic is not an exception – in our list of profiles you will find women who have undergone a full medical examination and have no contradictions to the procedure of artificial insemination. This surrogate mother list is a small part of our full database which is renewed each week.

However, we have prepared some useful tips for families who want to do the search on their own. A surrogate mother should be no older of 37 years, have her own healthy children, and be healthy herself. The last requirement is a bit general. The physical condition of a woman and the absence of diseases should be confirmed by medical test results obtained no longer than a month before the procedure.

Why Is It Better to Use Services of an Agency?

Remember that if you are trying to find a surrogate mother yourself on an online website, you are at risk to fall into a trap of scammers. It is for this reason we recommend that you contact doctors of a reproductive medicine center. Thus, you no longer have to spend a lot of time and money to examine every new potential candidate – all women from the base are thoroughly checked by the clinic medics and have undergone tests with psychologists.

And one more important nuance of choosing a wanted surrogate mother with the help of the agency is the availability of good lawyers, who will supervise the entire pregnancy of the surrogate mother until the child is handed to you, according to the legal contract. In many cases, biological parents do not even contact the surrogate mother in order not to expose themselves to the risk of blackmail or superfluous experiences.